Thursday, December 3, 2020

Billion Man Rebellion - "Flight From Moscow | My Brother"


Shout out to CF and Dontique of Billion Man Rebellion for never stopping their mission to kill shit lyrically and for constantly training with the intent to master their music and its quality. "Flight From Moscow" is their latest single off of their most recent LP "The Static Files." If you haven't gotten around to it I highly recommend giving it a play. To say the least its just a really clean album and an all around good listen. -SERRINGE

Monday, November 30, 2020

The Professionals (A-$harp & Sydetrak Imperial)


Let me introduce you to The Professionals. Newark based producer and turntable technician A-$harp blessed the score for this single while Jersey City lyricist Sydetrak Imperial puts the smackdown on the track. The result is a perfect combination for any true hip hop lover. I was lucky to be asked to help bring the visual to this first single to life. Sydetrak and A-$harp came up with the concept and I helped package it up with my Direction and Cinematography. We had a great time working on this and we produced it with love. Press play and enjoy this short film. Major salute to all that were involved and I look forward to making the next visual. 

Gorilla Twins - "BONG"


Gorilla Twins is a Brooklyn based rap duo that consists of Ill Bill and Nems. These two lyrical masterminds have been lacing the underground hip hop scene for years but as they have matured as artist
so has their music. Today they're producing music that goes beyond what we new as underground and this current Gorilla Twins project caters to all. Don't believe me? Go download or stream that right now. 

R.A. The Rugged Man - E.K.N.Y. (Music Video)


R.A. The Rugged Man... no one in the world quite like this guy right here. 

SOFLES | Linework

Here's another fantastic video from the one and only Sofles. This particular video is focused on his linework which flows so easily. I must say I think its awesome that Sofles has been keeping up with creating videos.... he never fails if you ask me. Major salute. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Element Tree Presents: PEAK ONE, SEBS & EWOK

I got to catch up with Ewok One, Sebs and Peak One on a beautiful day during the plandemic. We had a good time and this video shows it. I look forward to producing more of these... I'm getting my drive back. Feels great.



Sunday, May 24, 2020

Music Video: King RA - Well Done

King Ra has been on Element Tree's radar for years now. KR creates music for grown folks. He has a mature sound thats rooted in that golden era hip hop and feel good music.  "Well Done" was produced by Red Ang and the video was directed by Paul Carr (Deliris Films). Press play, kick back and give it a listen. Also don't forget to give him a follow on social media. Peace and Respect.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Lyric Video: Ill Bill & Nems (Gorilla Twins) - Bong!

Brooklyn Goonery at its best. Gorilla Twins (Ill Bill & Nems) are two of the baddest motherfuckers to ever do it. This song and overall project speaks for itself. Get your google on, hit instagram and get at this project on all digital music platforms. Gorilla Twins have arrived!

H3Soul Interview with SERRINGE By: IDER

The good homies over at reached out to interview your boy Serringe. I met up with their very own Art and Skills writer/contributer Ider for an audio interview. He then invited me to meet up with him so I can rock a quick piece for their site and this happened. You can also go to the link provided to see the written version if you're not into watching videos. I'm always grateful when anyone takes interest in my life and history. That being said major shout out to the good homie Sgt. Over and Ider for taking the time out to link up with me. Thank you.

Friday, May 22, 2020

New Music: VANGARD (Mr. Lif and Stubangas "Basquiat"

I came across Stu Bangas' music on instagram a while back... I instantly became a fan. Stu got a way of making your mind step into a purer time in hip hop. A time where music sounded like the soundtrack to a hip hop horror movie made in the 70's... that you were living. I hope that makes sense. Since my discovery of his beats and overall music he's been consistently releasing nothing but heat, delivering every time. Which brings us to this release right here VANGARDE... a collaboration with none other than Mr. Lif, which can pretty much paint you a picture with rhymes as if he was putting brush to canvas. This is "Basquiat".. Press play and see what I'm talking about. Enjoy.