Tuesday, February 2, 2016

ELEMENT TREE Presents: IMOK 2016

Here's a random adventure with IMOK crew. Shout out to EVAK, CYCLE, RISK 9, EWOK ONE, JICK and MAST for allowing me to capture the moment. Good vibes and good times. Salute!

WALL WRITERS (Graffiti in its innocence)

For more info check out http://wallwritersthemovie.com/

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Element Tree / Art Primo / Eggshell Stickers Present: EARTHLING Episode: 4 Feat. MAST

In this latest episode of EARTHLING we hit the streets of New York to catch up with Mast of TGE, GFR and IMOK crews. We were able to document him doing what he does best and we also got to get a little clarity on his roots, inspirations and what to expect next of the artist.  Much love and respect to MAST for his time and all around good company.

Also much love and respect to our sponsors Art Primo which you should get at for all your graffiti/art supply needs and also check out Eggshell Stickers for slaps that stay up longer than just about any other sticker out there.

Last and definitely not least to the good homie and Element Tree family Thaddeus Rombauer for his skills with a drone camera... your contribution was amazing. Thank you.

Peace and Respect.-Serringe

Friday, January 8, 2016

POSE - Book 1

Check out this awesome book of some limited addition buttas. Get yours while you can at the following link: http://www.hellopose.com/shop/pose-book-1 Peace. -Serringe


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Video: Selina Miles Presents: SOBEKCIS (Belgrade, Serbia 2015)

I'm really loving the overall vibe of this video. Not only are these two goons some of my favorite graffiti writers in the game, but Selina Miles just knows what she's doing. The video is packed with awesome tunes and amazing visuals. I salute all involved and I'm ready to see more from both Selina and Sobekcis. Peace and Respect. -Serringe

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Video: Element Tree Presents: DISTORT "The Crusades" 11/7/2015 Recap

Yes.... this happened last night. "The Crusades" turned out to be what I expected and then some. Here is a recap for all of you that couldn't make it out. I'm sure this will make you want to get up and go experience it for yourselves. Major shout out and salute to Evan Slepian and WP Gallery for another banger and much love and respect to the killer DISTORT.... you're one of a kind. -Serringe

The show will be open through January 15th 2016.
For more info go to www.worksonpaper.biz

Also check out www.distoart.com

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Video: IDE - Sound The Horns (Prod. Lucky Loopiano) Official Music Video

Here it is! My latest music video project with recording artist and founder of Creative Juices Music IDE. "Sound The Horns" is the first single off his anticipated LP "Breathe Easy" set to be released in 2016.  I was fortunate enough to hear a couple of cuts off the project and they sound exactly how I imagined them. Hard hitting drums and chops produced by Lucky Loopiano and complex rhymes accompanied by ill deliveries from IDE.  I've always been a fan of IDE and the labels music, and the label has always been supportive of Element Tree.  Expect to see more from us collaboratively in the near future.  For now enjoy the video and get a taste of what's to come.

Much love and respect to the hard working squad of creative goons that came together to make this happen.  IDE, Lucky Loopiano, Alucard, Jise One, Jesus Himself, Kenneth Shumaker, Aquiles Torres and last but certainly not least.. Anthony Beckner of The Bridge Skatepark in Bayonne New Jersey, who literally was the missing link and was able to house our production the night before he had to close his Skatepark due to the landlord selling the property.  I don't forget things like that and you're a G for rocking out with us. Infinite salutes to all.... great work. -Serringe

IG: @ide1043
Twitter: @ide1043
FB: IDE (Creative Juices)
Youtube: IdeologyTV

Monday, October 26, 2015

EVENT: WP Gallery Presents: DISTORT "The Crusades" (Opens Nov. 7th 2015)

"Similar to the time of the European Renaissance, we live in an age where wealth and prosperity are syphoned from areas of the globe and consolidated in others, leaving behind great despair.  For those of us fortunate enough to live in a relatively safe and stable environment, the prevalence of violence and chaos in the world surrounding us can induce a constant stress.  To know that your comfort is at the expense of people elsewhere (and even the planet itself) indicates that your position is unsustainable and likely to be threatened by what the future may bring.  In today’s tumultuous world, it would be strange not to have a pit in your stomach.  Instead of suppressing this feeling, imagine that pit as an actual place that expands in space beyond your physical presence.   Exploring this space, you become more aware of your context in the story of time.  As humans, we evolved to adapt to the land that we inhabit, in a sense defining our every inner urge . Even the laws of many religions are tied to the land, rooted in agricultural significance and developed to help mankind reap the potential bounty of the earth and avoid it’s perils.  Eventually these religions took on a territorial element of their own and we see war being waged on their behalf throughout history. As the decedents of war, this connection between land and spirituality is imbedded in our identity.  In other words, we may inhabit space, but space also inhabits us.  -DISTORT
I've been watching this show develop for quite sometime now and I must say that Distort absolutely killed it.  I personally am recommending that everyone makes it out to witness what he's put together. It's a solid show... be there. Doors open at 7pm.  -Serringe
WP Gallery
1611 Walnut Street
*Mezzanine Level
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Element Tree/Art Primo/Eggshell Stickers Present:EARTHLING Episode:3 Feat. NTEL

It's been a minute since this idea was born but the wheels are finally in motion. Shout out to the good people over at Art Primo and Eggshell Stickers for all the love and support. Also many thanks to the good homie and super talented NTEL for being such a great host and allowing us into his life for a weekend. Last but not least... Much love to the homie Ide of Creative Juices Music for rolling out with me to Philly. Good times and stay tuned for more. -Serringe

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Element Tree / Art Primo Present: SERRINGE

I shot these a while ago and originally planned to keep them in a hard drive. In the end... I decided to let it out. Shout out to the good homie Anthony Beckner who allowed me to do my thing in his space for quite some time. Salute big homie... Ill see you soon. Enjoy! -Serringe