Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Element Tree / Art Primo Present: Yard Work Feat. DISTORT

Distort came through with a reality check on this latest Yard Work video. -Serringe

instagram: @serringe, @distoart @artprimo

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Element Tree Presents ZESO

Major shout out to the amazing talent that is ZESO.  I've been shooting artist for 5 years now and ZESO has to be on the list of artists that have completely blown me away with skills. He's produced some really awesome large scale murals in New York that you have to hunt down and check out... seriously. Anyway, we had a blast collaborating  at the Bridge Skate Park in Bayonne, NJ... Shout out to the homie Ant! Peace and Respect. -Serringe
For more information on ZESO check out
Instagram: @zesoner

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Element Tree Presents: ROCKIN IT SUCKAS 2015 (Bridgeport, CT)

A few months ago I was lucky enough to document this awesome event in R.I.S. Crew history out in Bridgeport, CT. I found myself pulling up to a Wendy's parking lot confused on where exactly these guys were going to be painting. Eventually I made a phone call and got brought to an empty hidden parking lot which revealed the massive wall that writers Mone, Giz, Detox, Kite, Miro, Ket and Cro seemed eager to get there hands on. Watching these guys rock some black books and pieces was something else. I played the cut quietly just listening to awesome stories of the golden years while watching some vets of the game producing pieces that can keep up with the modern graffiti world via some classic and timeless styles. Ket had even mentioned to me that him and Miro hadn't painted together since 1988 so I was happy to have documented that history. The results speak for themselves. Enjoy. -Serringe

Video: Portrait of a Brooklyn Hustler: Jazzsoon

I stumbled upon this awesome video featuring the one and only Jazzsoon. I've personally met this multi talented, energetic and just overall one of a kind character that is Jazzsoon and this video represents him well. Check him out and definitely check out those beats.... dudes a killa. -Serringe

Info: The portrait of Jazzsoon: Collector. Hustler. Brooklyn Native. Living for the weekends. ‘Jazzsoon’ is a short about a Brooklyn hustler who lives for the wknds. Artist and filmmaker Ivan Cash met with a Brooklyn resident named Jazzsoon and found him to be a character so fascinating the made him the subject of his own documentary short,“Jazzsoon: Portrait of a Brooklyn Hustler.” Jazzsoon is a Park Slope “hustler” who proselytizes his notion of “living life on the weekends.” You gotta live your life on the weekends, you know what I’m sayin’? Fuckin’ steak and shrimp on the weekends, you know what I’m sayin’?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Video: Tags and Throws - Bombing with SICOER

Tags and Throws does it again with this video featuring Sicoer. Sicoer has a lot of fun with his hands and its the reason why I started to follow his career as a writer. Definitely worth the watch. Press play. -Serringe

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Element Tree/Art Primo Present: 4SAKN

Shout out to my good friend and amazing artist 4SAKN. He always shows up and kills it and its always a good time full of good laughs and great graffiti. Also major shout out to our Art Primo family for always showing Element Tree support and for always fueling my visions. Respect! Last but definitely not least shout out to Ant and all the skater goons over at The Bridge Skate Park for always just being awesome host's and holding us down throughout the night. Salute! -Serringe

Video: K. Gaines - Neon Black ft. SoZĂ©

Fourth Single off the Well Received Album "Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles," produced entirely by 2HungryBros. Directed by Nicholas Ortiz of Deviant Children Productions.
Shout out to everyone involved in bring this video and music to life... this is real life shit right here. -Serringe

Colorways & Sole w/ Chef Boogz (De La Soul Nike SB's)

 Chef Boogz here for Colorways and Sole. Nike Dunk SB's are an iconic shoe and when you take two of my favorite things in this world, hip hop and sneakers and combine them in one shoe you have one happy sneaker head. Enter the Nike SB Dunk high De La Soul edition. Freshness! De La is no Stanger to this silouette. The De La high is an all white upper wrapped with funky colors and pics from there 3 Feet High and Rising album.You can still find them at your local Skate board shop because a lot peeps slept on them.
Check the link below to get more info on the shoe.
Follow Chef Boogz on instagram: chefboogz2hb

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Series: SOUND SOIL Episode: 1 Feat. 2 Hungry Bros

Its official! Element Tree and Studio 289 are collaborating to present you with a new performance series called Sound Soil. This first episode features NYC production duo 2 Hungry Bros going back and forth in a continuous freestyle beat session that only 2HB's could provide. Much love and respect to them for always being down to rock with Element Tree and for always providing us with dope content to post. Salute!

Sound Soil will be visually provided by yours truly  and the audio will handled by none other than Studio 289's Mike Marvel. Also, If you're not familiar with 2 Hungry Bros check out the following link for Breakin Bread with The Bros... enjoy.

Sound Soil... a healthy layer of earth where the seeds of sound can grow. Peace and Respect. -Serringe

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Video: Element Tree Presents: MAST

No need for words.... just press play. Shout out to the killer MAST and the good homie Ant over at The Bridge Skate Park for always letting me do my thing. Peace and Respect. -Serringe