Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year ELEMENT-TREE supporters!

Its been a great year full of art, music and hard work! Many amazing things came to be in 2010... I started the page, The "IMMORTALIZED" Graffiti Documentary came to life, I had my first Element-Tree art exhibit/ "IMMORTALIZED" film preview premiere and plenty of awesome interviews with some of my favorite MC's and artists. I want to say thank you to all the people that have been kind enough to let me into there personal lives and artistries. I am completely honored and inspired by all your creativity and support. So without further adieu major shout outs go out to...

My Wife Erica (For your patience and support), Mic Jacks, L.I.F.E.Long, T.Dee, 2 Hungry Bros (Deep and Ben Boogz), Q, Snow, Sue Works, Sgt. Over, IDE, Alucard, Nems, Creative Juices Music, Then One, Loser, Komar, Mear One, Mr. Len, General Steele, Vast Aire, I Am Many, Rock Steady Ferreti, Sean Lugo, Maxine at White Train, Mr. Mustart, Forever Flyy, The Gumpy Gandules Show, CF, The Flying Dutchman,, Chainsaws and Jelly,, Greg Bricky, The City of Jersey City and all my friends and family. 

Happy New Years From The Element-Tree!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas ELEMENT-TREE Supporters!

Merry Christmas to all my Element-Tree supporters! I hope all of you have a great one full of family, food and plenty of drinks! Peace. -SERRINGE

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Element-Tree presents: 2HB, IDE & CF

Shout out to The Gumpy Gandules Show, 2 Hungry Bros., Ide and CF. I had a good ol time coolin out and filming you guys. For all of you out there that haven't checked out the show go to every Sunday from 10pm - 12am... the show is always dope! Tune in.

For more info on all the artists check the following links:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breakin Bread With The Bros./INTERVIEW

E.T. So whats the story of the 2 Hungry bros? How did this all begin?

2HB The answer to this question, answers the second to last two questions. We went to elementary school together and Church classes as well. Our chemistry as class clowns was unbeatable. They tried to keep us apart in all classes. I guess we showed those old Jewish teachers in the end! 2 Hungry Bros for life, since 85. It's been 25 years, a quarter century.

E.T. If there is one thing I love about 2 Hungry Bros its the soul in the production. Is there a particular sound you guys shoot for when you guys go diggin?

2HB Nope! it's not about what you pick up. We pick up a lot of dope records every time. Which records we use is usually reflective of how we feel at that moment when we are making them. The rest of the dope records are used for groove mixes.

E.T. Who are the Bros. currently working with?

2HB Our Respective women! The future is coming! We're both having boys in a few months. so right now getting money is important. we've been strictly in-house with our select few of Likwuid, I Am Many, Sleepwalkas, Janelle Renee, 8thw1, Homeboy Sandman,, and Fresh Daily. We may or may not open the door to purchasers of beats with the proper quantity of monetary value. I Am Many and Likwuid are the 2 we do have in mind for the the immediate future.

E.T. "Open Buffet" tell me a little about how this project came to life?

2HB Dub MD wanted a 2 Hungry Bros project to put out because he's been an appreciator for a long time we heard. it was an opportunity. We gathered up the clan and banged out some fine music with the helpful engineering of Sosa at Ampliphonic Studios.

E.T. How did 2 Hungry Bros. get involved with AOK Collective?

2HB This sounds like asking Redman how he got involved with the Def Squad. Everyone's evolved and the natural order of things for us to work together has moved beyond a crew name. We worked together because our beats compliment their messages. We're happy to be a part of the movement that defined the last days of the Knitting Factory and 07, 08 NYC Independent Hip Hop. We had a lot of support from Sucio Smash and Squeeze Radio, Peter Agoston, Peter Rosenberg, as well as the fine folks at Brooklyn Bodega just gunning for us. We're really appreciative. For about a year we stepped back a little and struck really hard this summer again with The Good Sun and No Room For dessert. This summer the AOK Collective had South Paw Jumpinov!

E.T. Whats the industry like for independent artists... I mean how do you balance your lives and
your music?

2HB Monetarily it's been cheesy because lots of new kids are copping out with the free downloads. They're not believing in themselves hard enough to invest in themselves. We just did Open Buffet as a free download but slapped it up on Itunes anyways, because we can. For producers we're not rocking shows as front men on the mic so it's more difficult. We love hearing our music live. We use that thrill and drive that we know the audience feels to move merchandise to the fans. That's how we make our dollar.

E.T. Who would you guys like to work with in the future?

2HB Well Opio from Hiero just hit us up. We always loved their music. The west coast scene has always been intriguing and something we've been trying to break into. We want to sell more beats to good artists at this point.

E.T. What do you feel you bring to the table that other producers might not?

2HB There's a lot of square nerd types "behind the boards" kids who kill to make an appearance in a video and look all out of place and stiff. Are you kidding me!!! This is Hip Hop. You are supposed to be cool! We don't take ourselves too seriously and love to have and bring fun. Even if it's a hard kill ya self type of beat. We get in those music videos and play just as significant role in it as the artist rocking over our beat. Almost the way Diddy was in Biggie's videos but more welcome and less annoying.

E.T. What are you guys listening to nowadays? Its rough trying to please the ears in these days and times.

2HB New Kanye Album. It's very dope. The production is mind blowing. To think Kanye would work with Rza and then add synths and singing. Oh my God. Its a beautiful masterpiece. The rhymes get a lil Emo at times, but it's great. Kanye says a lot of ill $hit! He drops a lot of truths believe or not. Especially about the devaluation of female porn stars if they have sex on camera with a Black Man.
A lot of people are feeding into all the media hype and tabloids. That's some real pussy $hit. When do rap fans even feed into that? Just listen to the quality of the music.
E.T. Searching for the right records to work with must take you through a world of music.
Can both of you guys name a record that was like finding a hidden treasure once found?

2HB Rafael "Superpak" -Deep
BLack Heat "No time to Burn" -Boogz

E.T. Who inspired you guys as producers?

2HB The Beatnuts, the Rza, Prince Paul, DJ SHADOW, Domino, and Mad Lib.

E.T. Whats next for The 2 Hungry Bros.?

2HB fatherhood!

E.T. Deep what made you want to work with Ben BoogZ?

 2HB He makes great food and makes my jokes sound funny. They're mostly evil but if he laughs at them, people laugh to his laugh and it encourages me to do my worst. Also he wears nice clothes for a big guy so it lets me dress like an undercover cop all I want. Actually I think I may wear the same kind of clothes that Immortal Technique wears except comic book shirts instead of Che Guevara ones. Oh boy, Kanye must've gotten to me, I'm talking Fashion in a Hip Hop interview.

E.T. Boogz What made you want to work with Deep?

2HB Its the Good times we always have,whether we're on the road, diggin or in the studio its fun.Our Team work is impeccable.Plus He has unlimited G force, and when I say G I mean his grind is unstoppable and he's dedicated. Food is also key... we're always eating or putting each other on to good food. Who wouldn't want to be in a Super producer group with there best homie for years.Its Legendary!

E.T. Any last thoughts?

2HB Listen to the Gumpy Gandules show on Sunday nights. Listen to I Am Many. Look for his music on Itunes. Appreciate what he says. Columbia University fuktup and took away Squeeze Radio. Thank God we still have Dj Eclipse!!! Buy our music on Itunes. Thank you to all the photographers and film heads like Nicolas Heller who make us look Good. also, P.So stop defending ya boy, that video sucked a$$ warts!

For more info on the 2 Hungry Bros. click the following links: ,

Element-Tree presents: CF

CF is one of the most talented MC's I know... the kid is a beast! His ability to freestyle of the top of the dome at any given time is hard to match. He is currently working on an EP release produced by Dj Static called "Operation: Storm-Mode." I will keep you posted on the drop date and where you can go to download it. He also just recorded a joint produced by Ide of Creative Juices Music... I was lucky enough to witness the process and the joint sounds ill! Ill keep you posted on that also. -SERRINGE
 For more info on the killa himelf go to the following link:

Shout out to CF... this is the year homie! Peace.

JINESIS On The Beats!

Shout out to my man Jinesis! I dont know how you got my info, but thanks for always sending out those email blasts keepin a brother informed on a lot of amazing and feel good music. Jinesis has done his thing on several different projects. Thanks again killa! -SERRINGE 
For more info on Jinesis go to the following link:

Free Shabazz

Free Shabazz is a free download that I recommend everyone gets. This project has a little bit of everything and is filled with a wide range of styles and sounds. Featured artists include C-Rayz Walz, Fresh Daily, Karniege, Homeboy Sandman, Kooley High and many more. To download this free project go to the following link:

Peace to Nicolas Heller and Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys... keep bringing the noise!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Element-Tree presents: A Freestyle Session

Check out this freestyle session I got to capture on video at the last Gumpy Gandules Show. Peace to all the m.c.'s who spit on the M.I.C.! Tune in to the Gumpy Gandules Show every Sunday from 10pm-12am on

Shout outs to: Sgt. Over, Just Putt, Big-O, Pro, Gumpy Gandules, Jesus Himself and all the other M.C.'s. -SERRINGE

Friday, December 17, 2010


SUE WORKS X NFL??? This video just looked mad surreal to me when I saw it. SUE is the type of artist that just winds up in the strangest of places.  He blessed my IMMORTALIZED documentary with a quick banger a few months back. Keep doing your thing homie!  -SERRINGE

Want to keep up with SUE WORKS go to the following link:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Souls Of Mischief has to be one of my favorites in the hip-hop world. They've been blessin us with some of that raw boom-bap for years. Bottom line... 93 till infinity... almost impossible to top. -SERRINGE

KID ZOOM "This City Will Eat Me Alive."

Went out with my wife and my brothers and sisters to check out "THIS CITY WILL EAT ME ALIVE" at the Opera Gallery in the meat packing district in New York City. It was a good time and the work was pretty amazing. I loved the character piece he did directly on the wall... fresh! -SERRINGE

For more info on Kid Zoom go to the following link...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Element-Tree presents: The Gumpy Gandules Show

I was recently asked to be a guest on The Gumpy Gandules show to promote Element-Tree and the IMMORTALIZED documentary along with guests Mr. Len and CF. I had a great time with these guys and I was able to capture some of the action on video. Enjoy! -SERRINGE

The Gumpy Gandules Show... every Sunday from 10pm-12am on

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


1,000 Deaths Of Wackness... that's all I needed to see to be drawn to Suicide By Jellyfish. This free download is a gift from P.So and 8thW1. I personally enjoy the fun and fresh feel of this project. P.So, 8thW1and all their featured artists compliment each others deliveries and voices. The choice of music I would say can sound different from what a lot of you zombies out there are listening to, but definitely still a true marriage between voices and music. Give it a listen and get back to me! -SERRINGE

Shout out to P.So and 8thW1 

To download Suicide By Jellyfish go to the following link... 

Funky Photos By: SERRINGE

Shout out to Ben Boogz for letting me snap these quick photos on Dexter Sunday... they came out fresh. I will also be putting up a 2 Hungry Bros. interview soon. Shout out to Deep! Oh and if you havent heard "Open Buffet" yet I dont know what your waiting for... its free and available at the right side of my Element-Tree page. Now go! -SERRINGE

Friday, December 3, 2010


Shout out to the homie SUE WORKS for putting these videos together... they look friggin amazing!!! OGT Crew is some of Spain's finest and the work speaks for itself. BELIN along with all the other members of the crew are definitely doing their own thing with the medium. Most of the work I've seen from this crew are very life like and physically 3 dimensional. Keep up the good work my OGT killas!

Major shout out to SUE, BELIN AND THE WHOLE OGT CREW!!! Que Viva ESPAÑA!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Element-Tree presents: Garden Sk8

Shout out to Kes, Snow and Minus for allowing me to capture this particular moment in time. Kes and Minus will also be part of the IMMORTALIZED project so stay tuned for more updates on that. Special thanks to The Garden Sk8 Family for inspiring me to stick to your guns and pursue your dreams. -SERRINGE

For more info on Garden Sk8 go to the following link

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


o·pen: Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed.
buf·fet: A table from which meals or refreshments are served.

Its been a long time coming, and the time has finally come for the AOK Collective's 2 Hungry Bros (Deep x Ben Boogz) to bring you this nutritious audible banquet that is the "Open Buffet!" just in time for Thanksgiving! Described by Deep (2HB) as "In your face and it won't make you feel envious about not having alot of money, pornstars for girlfriends, or Satanists as friends." as they connect with the UK's Dub MD to present this exclusive FREE mixtape, and declare the buffet officially open.

"Open Buffet!" features every member of the AOK Collective in Fresh Daily, 8thW1, Homeboy Sandman and P.SO. Aswell as showcasing the talents Señor Kaos, I Am Many, YC The Cynic, alongside female emcee Likwuid and vocalist Janelle Renee, over some of the hardest in your face beats the 2 Hungry Bros have released to date...GRUBS UP!!!

01.) The Download Song (feat. Señor Kaos)
02.) Kill To Kill (feat. I Am Many)
03.) Tithes At A Eulogy (feat. Likwuid)
04.) Good Question (feat. Señor Kaos)
05.) Mouthin' Off (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
06.) Fall Forward (Remix) (feat. YC The Cynic, 8thW1 & P.SO)
07.) Don't Say (feat. Janelle Renee & Homeboy Sandman)
08.) Kick 'N' A Snare (feat. Señor Kaos)
09.) What You Know (feat. P.SO, Homeboy Sandman & Likwuid)
10.) Is It True (feat. Señor Kaos)
11.) I AM (feat. 8thW1)
12.) Rabbit Punch (Part 2) (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
13.) Gimmie Mine (feat. I Am Many)



Check out my homie IDE'S production on this video... both the joints are bangers! everything you need to please your ears is on that page. Check it out!!! -SERRINGE

Dieci DOES X Ironlak

Check out the latest Ironlak video... their videos are always crispy and well put together. For more info on Ironlak go to the following link  - SERRINGE

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funky Photos by: SERRINGE

Here are some pictures I've been working on for the past couple of days. Let me know what you think people. Thanks. -SERRINGE