Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dummy Smacks Now And Len

E.T. So, what does "Dummy Smacks" mean?

LEN Dummy Smacks was my way of calling attention to artists I knew were dope, but were being slept on or not getting the props they deserve. It stemmed from my "Pity the Fool" album on Matador.

E.T. What are you up to nowadays?

LEN I'm working on a new Mr.Len album as well as an electronic project for the label DJ's Are Not Rockstars. I just did an electronic remix for the label that will drop sometime in July. The song is called "Can't Sleep" by Lauren Flax feat. Kelli Scarr.

E.T. I'm a huge fan of 90's hip-hop, in your world what has changed within the industry/culture?

LEN The amount of music that comes out almost daily. The concept of a "project" is lost on most artists now which makes it obsolete in the minds of the listeners. The culture itself is seemingly only important to people 25 and up. Nowadays there is no such thing as a wack record. I dig the support people are giving artists but you can't give EVERYBODY a pass for always putting out music that the artists themselves don't really stand behind. You know when someone is putting out stuff just for the them on it people.

E.T. Who or what inspires you as an artist?

LEN I like most men am a visually driven being. Looking at art be it graffiti, abstract or pop art, gets my mind going. I also love those awkward moments in life that cause conflict in your mind but you would never speak on it in public. Listening to older artists styles and approach to music gets me amped also.

E.T. Will they ever be another Company Flow album?

LEN I can honestly say...........I don't know.

E.T. Is their any artist out there we should all be listening to besides you of course? (anyone you want to give props to basically)

LEN I find myself listening to people that I know more often these days. Prince Paul, Juggaknots, Paul Barman, Freddie Foxxx, Mass Influence, Count Bass D........ I realize that doesn't exactly answer your I'll say Kice of Course for now.

E.T. Who would you like to work with in the future?

LEN Me'shell Ndgeocello.....didn't see that one coming huh?? There's the reason why!

E.T. I personally think radio today is a pile of repetitive garbage! How do you feel about radio stations and the artists they support?

LEN I think it's business. If any artist you like had the machine/money to buy their way on to the radio we'd hear more good stuff. Radio, contrary to what we believe, is not about music but more about keeping your attention until the commercial break. Artists make jingles to sell Pepsi and Budweiser. If a top exec at McDonald's decides he likes Murs and will only sponsor the countdown if Murs' song is on it...guess what?'re gonna hear a lot of Murs.

E.T. If you can address the whole hip-hop community what would you say? ( I ask everyone this question.)

LEN Appreciate yesterday, but live today in preparation for tomorrow.

E.T. Element-Tree is my way of keeping people informed on the current "underground scene". My goal is to put people on to cats they've lost track of through out time or just haven't discovered yet. How do you feel about the Element-Tree movement?

LEN It's needed. The scene is flooded and it's easy to forget or just be unaware of what goes on in the subculture. Our yesterday is mainstream's today.

E.T. Any last thoughts?

LEN I'd like to say "Peace" to all those that support me and to those don't understand what I do, or aren't in on the joke. Salute! you can find me on twitter @therealmrlen

Peace to Mr. Len, your time is greatly appreciated. -SERRINGE


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.