Thursday, May 13, 2010

Future Development Exhibit.

The Wife and I went to check out the Future Development Exhibit at Loft 676 on Broadway in NYC. The exhibit displayed art by Quik, Hakulla, Ces, Cram, Ket, Cinik, Klass 1, T.dee, Tats Cru, Bigfoot, Porn, Pawn, Earsnot, Ree and The Flying Dutchman. This event celebrated graffiti art from its roots, to the tree and all the leaves growing from it.
My wife and I had a great night sipping on champagne and processing techniques and colors. Everyones work was amazing and each piece complemented the next. Great show!

Erica viewing The Newsies Series by: T.dee.

art by: Ces

art by: T.dee

T.dee and his work.

art by: T.dee

art by: T.dee

art by: Bigfoot

art by: Bigfoot

art by: The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman and his work.

Serringe, Vin Rock and Dj Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature.

All photos by: SERRINGE except for the one with them naughty kids... Erica handled that!


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.