Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Game Is Over!

E.T. What makes Sgt. Over an artist?

SGT. I look at the word "artist" as simply a word the masses use to classify me as someone that creates outside of the normal routines. That word says that aside from having a job, possibly holding down a family, and whatever else classifies a person as leading a normal life, there's something I create that's unique in this world. I produce an intangible form of art using words and life's energy as my tools. There's tons of different artist all using different tools to create different things. People are scared of what they don't understand so we like to classify things in order to fool ourselves into believing we fully understand something. "Artist" is just the word used to describe myself and others that have this cerebral connection to the world which allows us to create.

E.T. What does the name Sgt. Over mean?

SGT.Sgt Over came out in rhyme I was writing years ago where I was describing my mentality toward rhyming and life in general. At the time my first born was barley 2yo and I was psyching myself up mentally to make something out of my life and eliminate the bullshit "just focus on the mission" was my motto so I felt militant in a sense. I chose Sgt as my rank because I wanted to be a leader for the PEOPLE, the dude that was on the front lines and in the trenches with you through every battle not calling shots from an office keeping my uniform clean! "Over" is my last name and the part you rarely here or see is my first name which is "The Game Is" because I feel when I walk on the stage "The Game Is Over" I'm shutting s**t down! My whole name is "The Game Is Over" and my rank in this people's army is "SGT".

E.T. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a music career?

SGT.I arrived at that decision about the same time I came up with the name SGT OVER. I had been freestyling for years and had been writing for a couple years. I had done my bid with the street life and I was giving the 9-5 life a fair shake but when your meant for something more it can't be denied. I began to focus on learning how to make songs built around concepts. I wanted to start making albums and the idea of my thoughts and words coming out the speakers of possibly people worldwide was exciting for me. I have talents that would allow me to succeed at the 9-5 life but the urge to do it isn't there. I can fake it for awhile but the music in me is powerful and refuses to be ignored.

E.T. What is the driving force behind Sgt. Over?

SGT.The driving force behind everything I do in life is my two beautiful daughters. I could do the whole interview about them. There isn't enough words in existence to describe how much they mean to me. I'm laughing and smiling as I write this because my mind plays these brief movies in my head of the things they do and it cracks me the hell up. Even when they do something wrong I have to stop myself from laughing sometimes so they don't think it's ok! Aiyanna and Emarie man they're my Sun, Moon, Stars, Ocean, and everything in between. When I tell you I'm the last person my life is about I mean that whole heartedly!

E.T. What do you feel is missing in the culture today, and how does it effect you?

SGT.I think Unity and Loyalty is what's missing in culture today especially the hip hop culture. Rappers out here in Jerz will tell you New Jeru is notorious for not supporting its own. It seems people hate just to hate. Its almost as if artist feel there's limited space in music and if they support you they may be closing a door for them self. I guess the way it effects me is it makes me feel like I have to lead by example. If I think someones trax are dope then Ima say it and Ima do my best to convey that message to them. For instance you have L.I.F.E. LONG one here and big homies music is mad FRESH!! I been listening to LIFE for a minute. I remember cuts and collabos pt1. If you feel something is FRESH dont hesitate to say because it's not gonna take anything away from you. If you put out positive energy then you get it return and the same goes for negativity, choose wisely.

E.T. Who do you have playing in your ipod? (what are you listening to now a days)

SGT.Too much to list but I'll put a few. Damien Marley, Sizzla, Barrington Levy, Last Emperor, Aesop Rock, C-Rayz,Copywrite, Louis Logic, SGT OVER, Serringe, Gang Star, Biggie, instrumentals, Charlie Parker, Stevie Wonder, Eagles, Led Zepplin, Jimmi Hendrix, Jasmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, Planet Asia, Black Sabbath, Biz Markie, AZ, Nas, Frank Sinatra, you name it I got it.
E.T. What was the first rap song you ever heard?

SGT.Daaaamn! I burned way too much in my day to pinpoint that one lol. I don't know fam I can remember my cousins playing Grandmaster Flash The Message, and they always used to rock the Run DMC hard. I remember hearing Whoodini and Roxanne Shante. Rap music seemed mad fun back then.

E.T. Whats the story behind s.o.u.l. music?

SGT.S.O.U.L. Music has been a long time coming. The idea has been in the back of my mind for some time and on various occasions my friends and peers would hear me say I want to make a soulful album, not entirely sure what that meant even to myself. I would say that and almost dismiss it in the same breath but I would think to myself it will happen when it's supposed to. I don't like to try and force art into place. After attempts at other projects the idea became clear to me that by doing something soulful I wanted to give you the story of who I am told straight from the heart with feeling driving the lyrics not wordplay or punchlines. "S.O.U.L." stands for SGT OVER Understanding Life. This album is a Freeze Frame of who I am now, both as a person and the artistry I deliver to the masses and the instances of my life that led to me becoming who I am today.

E.T. If you can remove any artist off the radio today who would it be?

SGT.I wouldn't make that determination. Everyone has different reasons for the music they make and though I may not believe in your reasons, who's to say mine are more righteous then yours. If I don't like it I can just choose not to listen to it.

E.T. What is Sgt. Over bringing to the table that other artist aren't?

SGT.I'm giving you me 100%. Everyone is unique to each other in this world. No one can tell my story, no one can put the words and ideas together the way I do, nor can they deliver the way I do. I'm here to share my swag, my talent,my nothing in this world can stop us attitude. I walk the same streets you do and I'm here to voice that experience to the world but do it in my own style. I'm here to help carry that torch of True Hip Hop into the future and build a better understanding of what it is to BE HIP HOP not DO HIP HOP. HIP HOP is the culture I live and breathe everyday
rap is just a part of it.

E.T. Whats the next move after s.o.u.l. music?

SGT.Next move after S.O.U.L. Music is a duo album with my dude Just Putt called the "Dead Poet's Society". I've known Putt for a few years now and he has an ill background in spoken word. I had him as a feature on soul music and the track sounded dope so the idea for the DPS project just clicked. I also got some production from J Funk out of San Diego on soul music and I already spoke with him about getting some production for the DPS album because I think his sound works well with what we're doing on this project. These projects are a spring board for more to come so keep your eyes peeled.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to interview for Element Tree, it's most definitely appreciated to the fullest. I like the feel of the blog and content that you cover so it's a blessing to be a part of it. Keep doing what you do and Ima do the same, HIP HOP culture lives as long as we stay true it.
E.T. No doubt, thank you for your time homie!


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