Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Evahflowin.... interview by: Serringe

E.T. When and how did you discover the M.C. within yourself?

Breez I discovered it a long time ago when I would analyze the lyrics of Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel a KRS-1. I would listen to the songs over and over and memorize the words to all of their songs. I started writing at the prompting of my friends. Did some talent shows in college to build my confidence. We even won a contest or two with my first group the ‘Funky Street Urchins’

E.T. In your opinion, whats missing within hip-hop today?

Breez Innovation and honesty. also more vocabulary is needed, whether existing or brand new terminology. I remember having to be up on a new saying every few weeks. The kids now are recycling old slang. They’ve adopted a rebellious culture they had no part in shaping. It’s pretty much like most of R&B once the standard was set in stone over 20 years ago. That’s just my opinion, Maybe nothing is missing, maybe this is just the way it’s supposed to be.

E.T. Who are you listening to now a days?

Breez Myself. It’s hard not to scrutinize your newest project. I’ll start listening to other people in a few months. I like http://indiefeed.com/category/hip-hop/ too.

E.T. What has Breez been up to lately?

Breez The New LP is coming out this fall, it’s called “As He Goes On...”. a mixtape for summer hosted by the Buck 50 Kutter DJs called “As He Goes in” and a single at some point in between. I’ll be working With Domination Recordings and Little Ax Media together on this one.

E.T. What does Breez bring to the table that other artists don't?

Breez My Life. I only talk about my life and my personal beliefs. I try not to be too pushy anymore. Just venting and having fun on the beats. It’s an interesting story filled with ups and downs. Still a nice ride for what it’s worth. Also a lot of the characters need their alter ego, my alter ego needs me.

E.T.If you could address the whole hip-hop community, what would you say?

Breez “Seriously?”

E.T.I know you have mad MC battles under your belt... what was your favorite battle and why?

Breez Battling 8-off Agallah at Rocksteady park in 1995. I got served but I got some lines in. He was just tearing up everyone in the cypher being mad disrespectful and everyone else was just eatin that shit cause he was that nice off the top! he hit me with a line that ended with “hey fat boy drop and give me 20!” the crowd exploded with laughter, but I got respect for steppin up. I learned about battling lot from that experience.

E.T. Is their any M.C.'s / Producers out there you are interested in working with?

Breez Pete Rock or Nick Wiz producing a collab with Reef, Planet Asia, Talib Kweli, Royce, Phonte and Jay -Z. I do a lot of collabs and I crush my guest spots. I love a challenge and when them dudes show up for a verse it’s business. I am never trying to be the one that didn’t show up on a crew cut.

E.T. Who is your favorite artist of all time and why?

Breez Michael Jackson , I don't have to explain.

E.T. What can we expect of Breez in the future?

Breez "Nothing."


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