Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's up with IDE?

E.T. did you come up with the name IDE?

IDE In the 90s i used to write IDE, the name just stuck with me over the years. IDE was my tag, i took it from the word Pride. I just always pronounced it Eye Dee.

E.T. I know how much you truly love hip-hop, but when was it you decided you
wanted to pursue a career in music?

IDE It’s hard to say, i made beats and wrote rhymes back in high school, and had turntables’ as far back as middle school. Even before that i was known for memorizing rap lyrics; like the songs that were popular at the time. I think it was something i always wanted, and was passionate about. I don't think ideas of music becoming a career kicked in until around 2004-2005. That's when i really decided to start pressing Cd's and get my work out there. Around the same time, i was networking and making lots of contacts, branching off and working with different artists. I also took big steps in learning to engineer. Music was what i knew how to do, there was no alternatives. Around 2005 i was working as a bar back, busting my ass, only to get fired. I think i started to realize, i knew what i should be doing, and it was time to dedicate myself to that.

E.T. How was Creative Juices started?

IDE Me and Alucard had met through a mutual friend. An emcee who went by Theory. We had a group at the time called "The Hell Fire". Me and Alucard were more dedicated than the other members. So we would start to link after work and make demos. We would bang out like 4 tracks over night. We joked how it was marathon recording, which lead to the term Creative Juices. So that's what we named our first mixtape "Creative Juices". People really embraced the name, that's how they would refer to us. Our style is all about being imaginative and as creative as you can get. So it really fit us well.

E.T. How did you and Dj Connect start this Ideology project?

IDE I met DJ Connect through l.i.f.elong. DJ Connect is a member of the Elite Fleet, who as a crew have worked with allot of members from Stronghold. So Life made the introduction, and me and Connect started building via e-mail. Connect sent me a dope beat to get on, the track was called Snapped. We were pleased with the outcome, and started to talk about putting together a EP. The EP became a LP, and 5 years later we have Ideology. So the project was allot of sending files back and forth. DJ Connect even came out to BK, and we worked on a bunch of tracks for the album.

E.T. Do you have any plans for touring or anything like that?

IDE I have been trying to set a few things up that fell through do to flaky contacts and promoters. As of now there is a good chance i will be going on a small tour in Europe, this November with UG, Respect Tha God, and some other acts. Just waiting for everything to solidify, hoping it comes together this time.

E.T. What other projects can we expect from Creative Juices?

IDE We have allot of things in the works for this year. We are trying to put out a release a month; and over half the year gone we are on track with 7 albums out. Next up we have “For Fuck Sake”. That's the new Jameson themed project from me and Alucard. Which is like Drunken Master meets boom bap. Grimey production, with raw uncompromised, tongue twisting lyrics. After that we have Portals a new album from UG (Dwellas). I cant wait for this album to come out. Me and UG put allot into this project, i think fans are going to be real happy with the outcome. Other than that we have new material coming from Jise, I Am Many, Critical, Frank Sasoon. We are trying to really get the name out in 2010 by putting out allot of quality material.

E.T. How has the music industry been to you so far?

IDE Like anything it comes with ups and downs. In all honesty its a blessing. This is my full time thing. I work on what i love, i meet some of the most interesting people. Ive been lucky to have some good opportunities. To me music is such a productive experience. I'm able to have time to work on my material and dedicate myself to expanding the Creative Juices movement. Its been a real positive thing in my life.

E.T. Is their any particular artist you catch yourself wanting
to work with?

IDE Ive gotten to work with some of my favorite artists, so its not something i really think too much about. But Ive always thought it would be cool to work with Ghostface or Redman. 2 artists that have unique styles, and come with so much flavor and energy. Other than that i would love to work with DJ Muggs or the Rza.

E.T. Who's is your favorite producer of all time?

IDE AHah Muggs and the Rza. I think DJ Muggs has been one of the most consistently raw producers over the last 15 years. His eerie, sharp production creates perfect settings for emcees. I check everything he gets involved with. Hes the master of dark, gritty boom bap, with a crisp polished sound. I cant leave out RZA ever. Off of what he was involved in through the 90s alone was enough to make him one of my biggest influences. I particularly try to take after RZAs ability to work with various artists and create a unique sound for each of them that stood on its own.

E.T. What usually inspires your beat making?

IDE Life, and music. When i feel real captivated by a situation, in a either good or bad way; It can make me want to work on a beat. If I'm in a particular mood, there might be a sound I think that expresses how I feel. So I will be selective with my sampling. Those situations can capture a feeling, or mood of the time. When you create music that conveys emotion, you have done something very powerful. It hits people strong; those beats that can give you goosebumps. Other than that, just listening. Sounds in the street, records, music playing in a restaurant. When i dig through records and find a odd clip, and i know already in my head how i will have it chopped and what the drums would sound like. Music of wide varieties can inspire my beat making.

E.T. What can we expect from IDE in the future?

IDE A lot more releases, more involvement in film, and TV scoring. A sound that will continue to develop, and progress. You can expect more involvement with me producing full albums. I think the future holds, better promotion, and distribution. We are going to have our material more and more available worldwide. We should have a clothing line coming soon, more monthly events in NYC. I think you'll see me involved in multiple avenues all music related. It been 10 years to get to where I am, and Its like I'm just getting started.

E.T. Any Last thoughts?

IDE I feel like we are at a point where the music industry has become very hesitant to push many new artists. So they take no risks and continue to put out the same recycled product. Fans feeding into that, support a system that tells us what we should hear. That’s real corny to me. Support your local artists, check out independent music. Hip hop is far from Dead, there are endless acts out there, if you just look. Theres allot of innovative groups emerging, and I think people will start to get frustrated with this sugar coated, washed down hip hop. The return of the raw, smart, edgy emcee will be soon. Special thanks to Serringe, Creative Juices, Strength in Numbers, everyone showing support and dedication. The new album Ideology is in stores now. For Fuck Sake!

Shout out to IDE and The Creative Juices Movement for constantly blessing us with that solid Boom-Bap!


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