Thursday, August 19, 2010

Constant Flow interview by: SERRINGE

E.T. How did you come up with the name CF?

CF Initially the name CF meant the Child Forsaker, but I really went by the name Tin Man on the streets of Jersey City. As time moved on I used CF more in the nyc underground hiphop scene because it was more mature sounding and I changed the meaning from Child Forsaker to Constant Flow.

E.T.  When did you first discover your abillity to freestyle?

CF I discovered my ability to freestyle in grade school at the lunchroom ciphers. Freestyling was more fluid than writing. Poetic improv is more of a spiritual thing especially when your at a show feeding off the crowds energy.

E.T.  We all know you come from battling and slaying plenty of emcee's, but who would you say gave you a run for your money?

CF I haven't been in the battle scene for some time, but I remember rocking with this dude name Breeze Evahflowin at B.B. King's on Broadway and their was good comp.

E.T.  Who inspires you as an Emcee?

CF I get inspiration from Nas, Organized Konfusion, The Roots, Common, Wu-Tang,  Big Pun, Big L, Jay-Z, Guru, Krs-One and others.
E.T.  What are your latest projects?

CF I am currently working on an EP called "Code Name: Rroject Storm Mode." I havent decided if this will be the official name, but I have been writing a lot and am still in the creative process.

E.T.  Who would you like to work with in the future?

CF In the future I would like to work with artist like J Cole, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I just to name a few. They are so many bro... lol.

E.T.  How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?

CF I feel hiphop is not so much in a bad state. Their are new artist coming up with unique perspectives that don't necassarily have to be hard, but are different reflective of the Obama age and post racial America

E.T.  What keeps you focused as an emcee?

CF Listening to new artists and listening to great timeless music from the past.

E.T.  What can we expect from CF in the years to come?

CF I will be rocking more shows and releasing plenty of projects for the masses.

E.T.  Any last thoughts?

CF Thank you for the interview and peace to all the people who hold me down... I love my support system.

Peace to CF for his time and always killin it through his music. -SERRINGE



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