Monday, August 9, 2010

Rock Steady 2010!!!

Big Daddy Kane

The Homies!

Ben Boogz, Q, Roc Solid, The Slacker, Sgt. Over and Primo Charlie

Hip-Hop Couple of the Year!
The Future of Hip-Hop!
Rock Steady Crew
Ben Boogz
Shout out to Rock Steady Crew for bringing Homeboy Sandman, EPMD, The Artifacts and Big Daddy Kane to Newark... this was such an unreal experience for me as far as EPMD and Big Daddy Kane goes. I was a bit to young to actually watch them perform on a stage when they where holding hip-hop down. Shout out to the Old, New and True school hip-hop heads.... Respect!!!
Peace to my homies... Ben Boogz, Sgt. Over, Roc Solid, Q, Charlie and The Slacker for making it an amazing drinking experience... those drinks got me pretty plastered!


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.