Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meeting Of Styles 2010 Paterson, N.J.

Shout out to all the talented artists from the old and true to the true new schools of the graffiti art form. This event was amazing and full of ultra skills and can control beyond belief. Shout out to Sue Works and all who where involved in bringing The Meeting Of Styles to New Jersey... it was a great experience! To my homies T.Dee, Snow & Sue Works... you guys are true inspiration and motivation for me. I am always grateful.
Shout out to all the artists who where present... all the work was amazing! -SERRINGE


  1. yeaaahh!! very nice work, hello to you man !

  2. offff the hook guy. job well done ! i went to school 15 back in my day and it has never been hit up the way you guys have in 2010. keep up the good work. BTW.


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