Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year to all my ELEMENT TREE family, followers and supporters. It was a great year for ELEMENT TREE and I want to thank everyone that painted, invited me into their homes and provided me with color and style. I appreciate all of you and if we worked together.... thank you. Peace and Respect, HAPPY NEW YEAR and lets get em in 2012. -SERRINGE

The Last Piece Of The Year!

Shout out to my brother from another mother Ezor! Ezor and I always have a fun time freestylin on the Yard Work wall... the results are always ill. Shout out to all the paint underneath and all the artists that provided the wall with style and skill this past year. All of you are appreciated.
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Monday, December 19, 2011


This is one of those situations where three creative people come together and a vision was born. This film happened on the spot and we filmed it in like 45mins. Its not the best film in the world but it has had my homies and I laughing for a few days now, so we decided to share it with the world. Shout out to Kosan and Sgt Over for being able to laugh at themselves. I hope you guys like it.
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Its a rare thing when an artist allows you to watch while they're being crafty and creative, but artist DISTORT allowed me to witness the creation of one of his Scrolls. This was definitely an interesting process. I did my best to capture the day as it went... I'm truly happy with the results.  
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Peace and Respect to Killa Ko for coming through.... Enjoy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Shout out to the homie L.i.f.e.long for coming through for the interview. Be sure to go and purchase the Crossing The Globe album... its fire!!! Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This video was filmed a while back at Garden Sk8 with artists THEN, EZOR and SERY. It was put together by artist DEMER and Garden Sk8's TODD SCHWARTZ. Its unfortunate that it took so long to be released, but I have a little more on my plate than usual. Good news is I got lots of cool new funky videos on the way. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

"WARM IT UP" Sneak Peek

Tone Liv, King Ra and Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros have been working on a new single titled "WARM IT UP". Ive had the pleasure of being present during the recording of this particular project and I must say its packed in with dope lyrics and an amazing beat. This is just a teaser.

google King Ra, Tone Liv and 2 Hungry Bros for music and info.


Monday, December 5, 2011


Shout out to the killa L.I.F.E.LONG... droppin the fly videos left and right. Keep up with this living legend and golden era MC. "You aint living unless you know Life." Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FRESH DAILY "The Quiet Life"

Shout out to the homie Fresh Daily! Fresh is always dropping some real classy and just all around dope hip-hop. His video's are always full of style and vision. If your not up on him I suggest you google him or go to Itunes and search.... He got plenty of jewels and gems for your eardrums.
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE


Just knocked this joint out yesterday in about 4 hours. Basically I had some scraps laying around and this is what happened. It was another great day out in the cold just clearing my head.
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Friday, December 2, 2011


Shout out to my good friend EZOR for coming through and joining me in this 3 & 1/2  hour freestyle session. I've been doing a lot of painting lately just getting the everyday stress of my mind and its actually been working. Major shout out to every artist I know for all the inspiration and love.
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Monday, November 28, 2011

YARD WORK Episode: 15 Feat. 4SAKN

Shout out to 4SAKN! This video was supposed to drop a few weeks back, but unfortunately life had me in a mean head lock. Regardless 4SAKN blessed the video as usual and the results came out lovely. I would also like to give a major shout out to ART PRIMO for sponsoring the Yard Work series when they can. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE


This past weekend was abnormally warm and I decided to paint. I extended an invite to artist DISTORT and we freestyled this piece. The homie THEN also came through with a six pack and we basically had a good time just co-chillin. This was the final result... pretty chill. Shout out to DISTORT and THEN. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NUTSO "Broke b/w Rock Out Ft. L.I.F.E.LONG

Shout outs to NUTSO and L.I.F.E.LONG this track and video are definitely ill. Also, the homie L.I.F.E.long and I should be dropping a jewel real soon... Ill keep you posted on here. Peace and respect -SERRINGE


Shout out to the homie C-Rayz Walz still doing his thing after all the years and never changing his style once. Artists like this man here dont come often but when they do... they stick around just like C-Rayz Walz. Much love and respect to all of Strong Hold for providing me with real hip-hop since the early 90's. Peace and Respect. - SERRINGE


This isn't your usual Element Tree post, but I did this video for my homies DARK MATTER. The band has been destroying the local metal scene for years now and they wanted to make a video that captured their rehearsal environment. I must say these guys kill it, and me being deaf for the next week proves it. Peace and respect. -SERRINGE

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"DEAD POETS SOCIETY" (official video/free download)

Shout out to the homies Sgt. Over and Just Putt of Dead Poets Society. They've just released a free self titled EP download and I must say its worth your time. Please check it out at the following link, support and download it.
Peace and Respcet -SERRINGE

Monday, November 14, 2011


Shout out to Joe Iurato, Demer and Todd Schwartz of Garden Sk8.


Lecture: MF DOOM

I get you Doom! This guy is a genius... for real. -SERRINGE

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Shout outs to SEAN LUGO and LNY. This is just a preview to their "NIGHT DRAWING" exhibition at 58 Gallery in Jersey City this Friday.
For more information go to the follwing link:
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Monday, October 31, 2011

YARD WORK Episode: 14 Feat. SERY

Major shout out to artist SERY for coming through all the way from La Rochelle, France. SERY is a very humble and cool dude and it was a pleasure to have him come through to bless the Yard Work Wall. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The ELEMENT TREE Store... coming soon

Whats up everybody? A lot of people have been asking me what I've been up to lately, so here it is. I'm opening my first shop! "ELEMENT TREE" a project that I've been working on for the past two years is finally taking its next steps. A graffiti shop and home to all that is ELEMENT TREE which will also be followed up by the official ELEMENT TREE website. I've been working hard on getting the place going and let me tell you it hasn't been an easy task, but I must say its coming along great. I will have Montana Blacks, Ironlak, Montana 94's and Flame stocked along with black books, caps, t-shirts, art, etc. Ill keep you posted on here about updates and the official grand opening. Thanks to all who support me and all the artists that have contributed to both IMMORTALIZED and YARD WORK... your support and time are always greatly appreciated. Peace and Respects to T.DEE, SNOW, DEMER, THEN ONE, KOMAR, LOSER, PAWN, EYESOR, EZOR, SERY, ZAR, MEAR, SUE WORKS, JOE IURATO, SEAN LUGO, 4SAKN, MR. MUSTART, KES, BT CREW, RON UPPERMAN, LNY, and SENIC. I would also like to thank SACRED STITCH, ART PRIMO, IRONLAK, FLAME, ROCCO and FADED ROYALTY, IDE, CF, I AM MANY, 2 HUNGRY BROS DEEP and BEN BOOGZ, ALUCARD, JISE ONE, JINESIS, GENERAL STEELE, L.I.F.E.LONG, BREEZE EVAHFLOWIN, VAST AIRE, NEMS, THE CREATIVE JUICES MOVEMENT, DONTIQUE, SGT. OVER, JUST PUTT, FRESH DAILY, MAD MAD MEDIA, THE BURIED COLORS, FRESH PAINT NYC, UB MASSIVE, THE TURNTABLIZM SHOW, JESUS HIMSELF, KING RA, COPYWRITE, POISEN PEN, SAV KILLS, CREATURE, BIG O, JAMES TOPP, FRANK SASSOON, BOMBING SCIENCE, 12oz. PROPHET, KENES, FRANK 151, VENG AND CHRIS, ROBOTS WILL KILL, SAVAGE, HABBIT, CHAINSAWS AND JELLY, LIVER BASHERS, DIRTY FUCKIN DAVE, DEUS, VENOMOUS, 2000, RHYMAGEDDON, VECK 16, AZEK ONE, THE GREEN VILLAIN, PLAN B, LOST, INFINITO 2017, NASA AND UNCOMMON RECORDS, PHIL ARTISTE, INFAMOUS MAG, NATE FULLER ART,  DANIEL JOSEPH, MR. LEN, GUMPY GANDULES, FASER, Q, ROC SOLID, CESI, JOSIAH, JADA, JILL, ELLIE, GLADYS, GIO,TODD SCHWARTZ and THE GARDEN SK8 TEAM, DJ VNYCE, ANEEWAY JONES, MARI, MATT, CESAR, MAY, PAULA, LIL JR., POP DUKES, MR. MANIC, ROCK STEADY FARRETTI (you know what time it is) The homie MIC JACKS, My mother MARIA LUISA SANTIAGO... I dedicate my life to your memory and love R.I.P. and last but definitely not least... My beautiful and wonderful wife ERICA for always believing in me and holding me up when I'm falling.

Peace and Respect to all of you -SERRINGE
* if I forgot anyone please forgive me I did my best to remember everyone.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Shout out to the killas Demer and Snow for reaching out on this one. Garden Sk8 has to be one of the illest places I've been to. I've had the privilege to see some amazing talents rock at the spot and its always good energy. Unfortunately, hurricane Irene came through and damn near destroyed the place. Most people would have called it quits, but Todd "The Bossman Schwartz didn't. He reached out to people like Snow and Demer to give this place a makeover. The outcome is Garden Sk8 2.0 and I must say it is back to where it was. Fresh paint and ramps all over the place... a skateboarders dream.
Shout outs to SNOW, DEMER, TODD SCHWARTZ, THEN ONE, EZOR, SERY, JOE IURATO and BT CREW for letting me capture some footage. Oh and peace to fellow video mastermind GENTRIFRIED.  Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wise words from SNOW

The nature of art has always been discussed and debated. Most people agree that there is not just one definition, but rather, art encompasses a variety of ideas, approaches and qualities. What about graffiti? Although many may consider this vandalism and destructive with no intrinsic value - it is emotional, it does communicate and many believe it really is legitimate art. Paterson native Carmelo Sigona has been painting graffiti for more than 30 years. His tag name, "Snow", dates back to the late 70s when he was called Snow White because he was the only white kid in the neighborhood painting on the streets. Sigona has transitioned into a successful commercial career which includes licensing deals, album covers and music videos. He's currently pitching a graphic novel to several studios in Hollywood with the hope of turning it into a film or cartoon series. (Video by Andre Malok / The Star-Ledger)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Shout out to T.Dee for reaching out to me on this project. It was a good couple of days out on Central Avenue in Jersey City and I must say watching peoples reactions to the piece proved that it was definitely bringing good vibes to the neighborhood. Anyway the homie T.Dee did his thing as usual and the end result looked amazing. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE 

Monday, October 10, 2011


Major Shout out to artist ZAR for coming through and blessing "IMMORTALIZED" with his history and skill. ZAR is a very down to earth type of guy with stories about his history that I would've listened to forever. Its really a treat when someone like this lets you into their world for a moment, especially when you don't know if this is the last time you'll hear his side of history. I'm grateful for your time big homie.
As far as "IMMORTALIZED" goes... Its been quite the journey. When we started the documentary we didnt know how important it would be to make sure that every aspect of the film would have to be catored to. In the end we figured out the tweaks we had to make and even though its taken a lot longer I dont regret it one bit. The finished product will be something I will be proud to present to anyone. That being said please be patient and Ill keep you posted on here as usual.

Peace and Respect to the homie ZAR. -SERRINGE

Monday, October 3, 2011

Artmageddon: SNOW

Major shout out to the homie SNOW! This guy is not just an artist but a true visionary and root within the culture of hip-hop. It is rare and far in between that we see people like SNOW getting bigged up by major television. Moments like these make me proud... I couldn't think of many that deserve it more than SNOW. So here's to SNOW and all his major accomplishments. Much respect... cheers!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Shout out to the homie Mr. Mustart and his ridiculously ill artistic abilities. I must say the killa paints like a true champ... with complete ease and style. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

Monday, September 26, 2011


What a great ol time we had filming this video in silence. Best thing about places like this is you can really zone out.. it's pretty much like meditating in an environment where not just anybody can relax. Oh and shout out to all my peeps from 28 Days Later that were catching some Zs didn't mean to startle yous. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

If anyone is wondering what I meant about 28 Days Later... heres what happend. I walk into this huge room that had a door that was letting in light. The light was almost blinding being that this room didnt have any other windows. So, I decide to do a little exploring and I walk into the room. Right as my eyes start to adjust I see someone sit up. Then another and another.... as my eyes fully adjust I realized it was a bunch of people just laying there sleeping... it was weird. Anyway if you ever seen 28 Days Later.. right as the main character wakes up he goes into a church and in that church a zombie sits up in the back of the church, then another and another. Thats how that shit felt... never seen some shit like that. Crazy..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YARD WORK Episode: 13 Feat. SENIC

Shout out to the homie SENIC for coming through and rockin Episode: 13. He's an honest and supportive dude... you will be hearing more about this cat in the months to come.
Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

Also check out The Buried Colors.


Major shout out to Frank 151 for putting together this article showing love and support for
The ELEMENT TREE Project. I have less than 30 days and unfortunately its not looking like I will be reaching this goal, but I want to thank everyone that did show me love.. I it really means a lot to me. I'm pushing harder than I've ever pushed to make this what I envision it to be. I'm determined and focused and in the end something will come from it... Ill remember all my true supporters when it does. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

To read the article by Akil Nuru go to the following link:

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I saw this video and I had to put it up. This dude Aryz got skills and I love the final result of his piece. Killed it! Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Shout out to my brother from another mother King RA! This video was a lot of fun putting together.  Major shout to the extras that came through my cousin Vic, and his boys Edwin and guys are awesome. Also keep a look out for King Ra's "Foot On They Necks" mixtape volume: 1 coming real soon.
Peace and respect -SERRINGE

follow King Ra on facebook and @radaalmighty on twitter.

Friday, September 2, 2011

ELEMENT TREE presents: The MD Pit 2011

Shout outs to the killas 4SAKN, THEN ONE, EZOR and SENIK for allowing me to capture some great memories. Oh major shout out to the MD crew... The Pit got some heat posted up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TONE LIV feat. CLASS "Sgt. Slaughter

Shout out to the killa Tone Liv! This cat is a cool dude and the man got some funky beats and lyrics too! Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I had a good time out in Trenton at the Jersey Fresh graffiti jam this past Saturday. My Wife and I got to watch some ill artists paint some serious work on these walls and they also had a nice tribute wall in memory of the late CASE 2.
Peace and Respect to everyone who was present and enjoy the video.

Friday, August 19, 2011

ELEMENT TREE presents: "Higher Learning"

Shout out to the homie Sean Lugo! This dude has been making moves in 2011... check out -SERRINGE

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"CRACK A SMILE" (promotional use only)

This is an on the spot video I did with Smooth Operator... Major shout out to all my Jersey heads!

Monday, August 15, 2011

YARD WORK Episode:12 Feat. 4SAKN

Major shout out to artist 4SAKN for coming through and rockin this piece. Yard Work is the truth... Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Thursday, August 11, 2011

YARD WORK Episode: 11 Feat. PAWN

Shout out to PAWN for coming through and rockin the Shark Week piece. I must say that was just ment to happen. I watched Shark Week all week and apparently so did PAWN. Next thing you know I got a great white co-chillin on the Yard Work wall. Life is good. -SERRINGE


A few days ago I was sitting around doing nothing on purpose trying to relax for once. I found myself getting bored so I decided to go paint in the yard. I gotta tell you I had a blast sippin on a couple of brews and listening to some beats. Also anyone that knows me can tell you that I've never been a letter guy. I've always painted characters and not for nothing this is probably the tenth time or so in my life I've attempted letters. I thought they came out alright... maybe I'll practice some more. This could become addicting.  Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yard Work Episode: 10 Feat. JNUB X THEN ONE

Welcome back to another episode of Yard Work. This series is really just a good ol time.. every time. Having conversations with the artists and documenting them while their painting has become addicting to me. I will keep capturing video till mother nature has her way. Major shout outs to JNUB and Then One for coming through... Good Times.

Yard Work Episode: 11 coming soon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


E.T. When did you become Copywrite the artist, and what inspired it?

COPY I've been rapping since 1991. I've told the story a lot. It was a total accident. I never wanted to be a rapper. Me, Jakki & his brother & cousins made freestyle comedy skits. One time, he started making a beat on the table & we started talking turns freestyling. The boom box had a built in mic. The older kids that were looked up to as the OG trouble makers liked it & we tried writing the next day. I was lyrical vandal first. Then Jakki tried calling me "Pistol Pete". That name didn't stick. I hated it. Eventually, I would tag "Pete Nelson" around my bedroom & draw a "©" after it, until it dawned on me that if something is "Copywritten", it can't be duplicated which is what I wanted my style & sound to be like. Unmatched. Plus it was an unconventional rap name, which I kinda dug. Copy was born in '95 or so.

E.T. What’s it like out there for an artist like yourself that’s been around  for years  watching this Industry change?

COPY It's no different than being a child born in 1978 who grew up watching the world change. I don't worship rap. I like to make art, whether its drawing, painting, making beats, crackin jokes or whatever. I don't care what rap does around me though.

E.T. Life and times of Peter Nelson… what was the approach to this particular project?

COPY To answer every question my supporters may have kicked around in their heads. To run head on to what most people thought I'd attempt to strategically avoid. To turn around a bunch of negatives into a few positives. Maybe help a few of my listeners going through addiction & depression so that my addiction & depression wasn't in vein. To vent. To make a rap album as honest as I possibly could. To make a classic.

E.T. As an artist you’ve been through your own ups and downs… what keeps you  going?

COPY Life keeps me going. Synesthesia keeps me going. God. The actual music itself. The boxes of notebooks full of ideas accompanied by the tens of ideas I write down daily. I love music & to create. Music is in my blood. My grandpa was Skip Nelson, of the legendary Glenn Miller band & HIS father was a drummer for the Pennsylvania Philharmonic Orchestra. My dad was a great stand-up comedian, which is what I think gave me such a literally sense of thinking, to continuously write double meanings & metaphors that no one else has said for well over a decade...& my little sis isn't too shabby on the drums.

E.T. Will you be releasing any other projects on Man Bites Dog?

COPY My new album, "God Save T.H.E. King" drops 11.1.11 on Man Bites Dog & so will the MHz (MegaHertz) debut album, "Megacy". Tage future from MHz is dropping an EP on MBD, Jakki's doing his solo there with Stu Bangas & I'm working on a production album for the label called, "The Puppet Show".

E.T. Who are you listening to nowadays?

COPY Been listening to some Jay Elec, Royce 5'9", Crooked I always, Radiohead, a little Weezer, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Supertramp, Pete just depends on my day & mood.

E.T. If you can go back and change the paths you’ve taken in your career would you?

COPY I'd change nothing in fear that I wouldn't be in the exact spot & exact person I am today. Plus, everything that's happened to me or that I've done has been pre ordained by Christ. No way I could ever tamper with perfection.

E.T. What has been the biggest challenge for you within the music industry?

COPY The biggest challenge has been shedding the old reputation & image that I had. Most people thrive off rumors, some people hate due to jealousy; others flat out don't know me. Kick it with me before you judge me. I still won't judge you though.

E.T. If you can pick 5 producers you would like to work with who would they be?

COPY Five producers, eh? Ok. (In no particular order) 1. DJ Premier 2. Focus 3. The Alchemist 4. Pete Rock 5.the brains behind Radiohead (No pun).

E.T. Throughout your career touring and doing live performances what and where has been your most memorable moment?

COPY Easy. Performing at the same festival as the Godfather of soul, Mr. Dynamite aka James Brown, Rest in Paradise. Either that or performing in front of my mom a few years before she passed. (It only happened once.)

E.T. Serotonin… crazy track… crazy video.  Was the video inspired by an actual event trippin on LSD?

COPY Thanks (about Serotonin). No. I didn't have anything to do with the direction or production of the video. I showed up in Boston with Nick & the set was ready w people there. I would NEVER have chosen upside down crosses for my video or pentagrams. I rock for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you about the song & video treatment though. I saw kids on my YouTube comments asking about illuminati. ALL PRAISE BE TO THE KING OF KINGS, JESUS CHRIST AKA YAHWEH.

E.T. When it’s all said and done… how would Copywrite the artist want to be remembered?

COPY I would like to be remembered as the guy who cooked your burger just right. Jk. As a talented kid with a vivid imagination who can do anything with words, shapes, sounds & emotion. Beat the odds & won even though I should have been curled up in a corner on H. Someone with a high & clear respect for God & for his children/my brothers & sisters & who thrives from helping people out more so than glorifying my own small deeds or name.

E.T. What artist would you like to work with?

COPY I want to work with Radiohead & any other artist with Synesthesia & who knows how to make music that triggers it. Mostly, Radiohead though. Dave Grohl wouldn't be bad either.

E.T. What can we expect of Copywrite in the years to come?

COPY Consecutive albums. Never again will I let as much as a year pass without dropping an album, beit solo, MHz, side project or the secret duet I'm working on with DJ Khaled & Bette Midler.

E.T. Any last thoughts?

COPY Yeah, check out follow me @COPYWRITE for booking/features/production COPYWRITEMANAGEMENT@GMAIL.COM my ustream channel is THECOPYWRITENETWORK & get to know CHRIST!! Peace,kids.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Element-Tree/Art Primo present: KOMAR
Filmed and Edited by: Serringe

SACRED STITCH at The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

I did this promotional video for my homies over at Sacred Stitch of their pressence at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival... they were definitely reppin hard out there! Check out their site, check out the gear. Your more than likely going to purchase a thing or two. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE


The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2011 was a good time. The Wife and I were completely entertained all day... being surrounded by all sorts of talents made sure of that. Shout outs to The SACRED STITCH Team, Fresh Daily, I Am Many, Dj Jedi, M.O.P. Homeboy Sandman, L.I.F.E.long, Demer, Rain, Cern One, Reds, James Top, Meres, Masa, Jinesis and everyone who came out to celebrate peacefully amongst each other. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Friday, July 15, 2011

YARD WORK Episode: 9 Feat. LOSER

Major shout out to the killa LOSER for coming through and rockin on such short notice. He definitely rocked it on some swift shit too! Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Mic Jacks and I just recently added Pawn and Eyesor to the IMMORTALIZED line up. It was a dope day out in the sun full of art, white castle, red bull and mad skaters wildin out. Dope environment overall and the piece came out bananas! IMMORTALIZED will hopefully be complete towards the end of this summer if everything goes to plan. Creating this film has been a learning experience and I feel the finished product is going to look amazing. Thanks to all involved. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE