Monday, September 26, 2011


What a great ol time we had filming this video in silence. Best thing about places like this is you can really zone out.. it's pretty much like meditating in an environment where not just anybody can relax. Oh and shout out to all my peeps from 28 Days Later that were catching some Zs didn't mean to startle yous. Peace and Respect -SERRINGE

If anyone is wondering what I meant about 28 Days Later... heres what happend. I walk into this huge room that had a door that was letting in light. The light was almost blinding being that this room didnt have any other windows. So, I decide to do a little exploring and I walk into the room. Right as my eyes start to adjust I see someone sit up. Then another and another.... as my eyes fully adjust I realized it was a bunch of people just laying there sleeping... it was weird. Anyway if you ever seen 28 Days Later.. right as the main character wakes up he goes into a church and in that church a zombie sits up in the back of the church, then another and another. Thats how that shit felt... never seen some shit like that. Crazy..


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