Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The ELEMENT TREE Store... coming soon

Whats up everybody? A lot of people have been asking me what I've been up to lately, so here it is. I'm opening my first shop! "ELEMENT TREE" a project that I've been working on for the past two years is finally taking its next steps. A graffiti shop and home to all that is ELEMENT TREE which will also be followed up by the official ELEMENT TREE website. I've been working hard on getting the place going and let me tell you it hasn't been an easy task, but I must say its coming along great. I will have Montana Blacks, Ironlak, Montana 94's and Flame stocked along with black books, caps, t-shirts, art, etc. Ill keep you posted on here about updates and the official grand opening. Thanks to all who support me and all the artists that have contributed to both IMMORTALIZED and YARD WORK... your support and time are always greatly appreciated. Peace and Respects to T.DEE, SNOW, DEMER, THEN ONE, KOMAR, LOSER, PAWN, EYESOR, EZOR, SERY, ZAR, MEAR, SUE WORKS, JOE IURATO, SEAN LUGO, 4SAKN, MR. MUSTART, KES, BT CREW, RON UPPERMAN, LNY, and SENIC. I would also like to thank SACRED STITCH, ART PRIMO, IRONLAK, FLAME, ROCCO and FADED ROYALTY, IDE, CF, I AM MANY, 2 HUNGRY BROS DEEP and BEN BOOGZ, ALUCARD, JISE ONE, JINESIS, GENERAL STEELE, L.I.F.E.LONG, BREEZE EVAHFLOWIN, VAST AIRE, NEMS, THE CREATIVE JUICES MOVEMENT, DONTIQUE, SGT. OVER, JUST PUTT, FRESH DAILY, MAD MAD MEDIA, THE BURIED COLORS, FRESH PAINT NYC, UB MASSIVE, THE TURNTABLIZM SHOW, JESUS HIMSELF, KING RA, COPYWRITE, POISEN PEN, SAV KILLS, CREATURE, BIG O, JAMES TOPP, FRANK SASSOON, BOMBING SCIENCE, 12oz. PROPHET, KENES, FRANK 151, VENG AND CHRIS, ROBOTS WILL KILL, SAVAGE, HABBIT, CHAINSAWS AND JELLY, LIVER BASHERS, DIRTY FUCKIN DAVE, DEUS, VENOMOUS, 2000, RHYMAGEDDON, VECK 16, AZEK ONE, THE GREEN VILLAIN, PLAN B, LOST, INFINITO 2017, NASA AND UNCOMMON RECORDS, PHIL ARTISTE, INFAMOUS MAG, NATE FULLER ART,  DANIEL JOSEPH, MR. LEN, GUMPY GANDULES, FASER, Q, ROC SOLID, CESI, JOSIAH, JADA, JILL, ELLIE, GLADYS, GIO,TODD SCHWARTZ and THE GARDEN SK8 TEAM, DJ VNYCE, ANEEWAY JONES, MARI, MATT, CESAR, MAY, PAULA, LIL JR., POP DUKES, MR. MANIC, ROCK STEADY FARRETTI (you know what time it is) The homie MIC JACKS, My mother MARIA LUISA SANTIAGO... I dedicate my life to your memory and love R.I.P. and last but definitely not least... My beautiful and wonderful wife ERICA for always believing in me and holding me up when I'm falling.

Peace and Respect to all of you -SERRINGE
* if I forgot anyone please forgive me I did my best to remember everyone.


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.