Monday, October 24, 2011


Shout out to the killas Demer and Snow for reaching out on this one. Garden Sk8 has to be one of the illest places I've been to. I've had the privilege to see some amazing talents rock at the spot and its always good energy. Unfortunately, hurricane Irene came through and damn near destroyed the place. Most people would have called it quits, but Todd "The Bossman Schwartz didn't. He reached out to people like Snow and Demer to give this place a makeover. The outcome is Garden Sk8 2.0 and I must say it is back to where it was. Fresh paint and ramps all over the place... a skateboarders dream.
Shout outs to SNOW, DEMER, TODD SCHWARTZ, THEN ONE, EZOR, SERY, JOE IURATO and BT CREW for letting me capture some footage. Oh and peace to fellow video mastermind GENTRIFRIED.  Peace and Respect -SERRINGE


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.