Monday, October 10, 2011


Major Shout out to artist ZAR for coming through and blessing "IMMORTALIZED" with his history and skill. ZAR is a very down to earth type of guy with stories about his history that I would've listened to forever. Its really a treat when someone like this lets you into their world for a moment, especially when you don't know if this is the last time you'll hear his side of history. I'm grateful for your time big homie.
As far as "IMMORTALIZED" goes... Its been quite the journey. When we started the documentary we didnt know how important it would be to make sure that every aspect of the film would have to be catored to. In the end we figured out the tweaks we had to make and even though its taken a lot longer I dont regret it one bit. The finished product will be something I will be proud to present to anyone. That being said please be patient and Ill keep you posted on here as usual.

Peace and Respect to the homie ZAR. -SERRINGE

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