Monday, February 27, 2012


It went down in true hip-hop fashion this past Saturday... The ELEMENT TREE Store Grand Opening. I must say the place was filled with good energy and support so I would like to thank... My Wife for always supporting me and keeping me focused, Cesi, Ben Boogz and Little Jo Sizzle, Mari, Matt, My Dad, My whole family... I love you all, Ide, CF, Snow, Then One, Phil Artiste, Jesus Himself, Billy and Fresh Paint NYC, Mr. Manic, Dave Karsh, Rocco and Jamal.. Faded Royalty, The Buried Colors, Sacred Stitch, T.Dee, Senik, Denise, Zar, Sue Works, Sean Lugo,Savage Habbit,  Brown 13 and Raul... Turntable Izm Show Family, Lust One, Mear, Ezor, Dylan, Clarence Rich, Distort, Mr. Mustart, Just Putt, Sgt. Over, Kosan, E-Dub, Fase, Q, Gritt,  The Whole Art Primo Fam and anyone else that walked through the door showing some love and support.

I would also like to thank the following for their support and contribution to ELEMENT TREE.... 4sakn, Demer, Joe Iurato, Kenes, Loser, Pawn, Eyesor, Hip Hop Arsenol, Frank 151, Sery, Sean, Ubmassive, Alucard, Tame One, Breeze Evahflowin, L.i.f.e.long, Fresh Daily, 2 Hungry Bros, Jise, I Am Many, Daniel Joseph, Estria, General Steele, Massivo, Nasa and Uncommon Records, Veck 16, Dirty Fuckin Dave, Dark Matter, Ironlak, The Faded Royalty Team, Nems, Copywrite, Vast Aire, Todd Schwartz and Garden Sk8, Flame, Mr. Len, Gumpy Gandules, Doc Reeves, Roc Solid, Rock Steady Ferretti, LostAlot, Jinesis, Nems, Mike Jacks and Mo5 Films, Cloy Pi, Chainsaws and Jelly, PooLovesBoo, 12oz. Prophet, Day In The Lyfe, JerseyGraf and to anyone I forgot... Im sorry.
Peace and Respect -SERRINGE


  1. Sup! Great looking place and wish you much success! I will be stopping by March 6 to say hello and show support.

  2. E-shan Tc5ive Curry here i was hearing about your shop im going to be checking out ur store good luck and do your thing.


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.