Thursday, June 20, 2013

VIDEO: JJ DOOM - "Bookhead"

This project is super fresh. Doom will never let you down... especially if you love that original do it your own way hip hop shit. Mad Respect! -SERRINGE

Monday, June 17, 2013


Major shout out to KET , PURE and KNOWS for letting me film them doing what they do best... steady rockin. Mother nature had no mercy on us and I must say I've had plenty of crazy shoots but this one was raw. By the time we were done shooting I was drenched down to the socks and shivering in the breeze. Regardless... it was an awesome time listening to these guys tell stories and crush the wall like true veterans. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE


DEM 189 is one of my personal favorites when it comes down to art.  The work is ugly yet beautiful...  beautiful yet ugly.  In other words... perfect. Check these silk screened beauties.

Info: 8 silk screened poster 20 issues each 50 x 70 cm. On sale at REGULAR STORE : 29, rue Edouard Feray Évreux, France 27000 Or by sending me an e-mail.

Friday, June 7, 2013

VIDEO: GHOSTFACE KILLAH and ADRIAN YOUNGE "Rise of the Ghostface Killah"

One of the most influential people ever to contribute to my life... GHOSTFACE KILLAH! This project is ridiculous! Major shout out to Big Ghost, Adrian Younge and The Rza... Im completely inspired. "12 Reasons To Die" now available where all music is sold. Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Shout out to my brother from another mother 4SAKN for coming through and blessing the Yard Work series once again with some fire. thanks again killa. Also check him out at ... Peace. -SERRINGE

Stand Up For TURKEY!

This isn't my usual post but this has been brought to my attention by some good friends and my E.T. family.  Turkey has been dealing with some serious issues as of lately and their freedom of speech and human rights have been stripped from them. As a fellow human on this planet I cant just sit there and not do anything ... so here is my contribution . Being that there has been little to no media coverage of all that has been going on to our Turkish friends I hope that ELEMENT TREE and all its supporters can band together to post photos and videos on all their social media sites in order to waken the rest of the world to the inhumanity going on in Turkey. Here is an example of how we can make a difference.
Shepard Fairey has released this image of ATATURK... a symbol of Democracy to Turkey. I hope that all who read this can save this image and re post it to their FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and just share and spread it to the world as much as you possibley can.
Here is the link: http:
I am also attaching some words from Jeremy Kaplan which I also found on to give you more of the details.
The overall issue is that the current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government have come too far towards authoritarianism, dictatorship and fascism, and farther away from Ataturk’s founding and modern society’s democratic and secular principles. Including plans to demolish Ataturk Cultural Centre. It is not a political or religious movement, it is a human rights movement representing all corners of their society. After days of being attacked by the police, including gassing tens of thousands of peaceful protesters about a few hours ago, they have stayed largely non violent (a small population people throwing bricks, and returning gas canisters, lighting fires etc) , and have cleaned up the damages. They are intending on remaining peaceful and are asking people around the world to share their story in the face of a prime minister that has called social media and twitter ” a menace to all society”.

The hundreds of thousands of protesters currently in the streets Turkey, and the millions of people around the world supporting them are not extremists. They are daughters and sons, mothers and fathers that love their country, are proud of it’s history and the principles their forefathers fought for to live freely in a pluralist democracy. They are the people from all walks of life and layers of society, people from all religions, lifestyles and political views. The deeply rooted fans and hooligans from different soccer clubs who are normally sworn enemies are in Taksim Square, and Gezi Park, and in other places around the country together with their flags waving alongside the LGBT’s protesting peacefully. There are women in headscarves who initially backed the party in power, the AKP for supporting them, who are now protesting for freedom of speech, and free press for others. This is not Turkish spring, it is not a revolt against Islamism. They are by and large protesting peacefully and have not taken arms. Do not let the media paint this as anything else. This is a resistance for human rights. The physical gathering of people began in the park but this is not about a few trees. The initial goal was to preserve the small park from plans to re-build an a military barracks building from the Ottoman Era that was demolished in 1940 to be used for commercial purposes. This is not about preserving green, or preserving history. It is about a society that less than a hundred years ago fought to gain their freedom. The people want to live as a the modern society and pluralist democracy but the government has slowly been chipping away at their free speech and civil liberties. Plans to build an old Sultan’s barracks slash mall was just the last obvious example of looking like a tyrant, and the people have had enough. The always highly trafficked pedestrian shopping street that leads into Taksim Square is named Istiklal, meaning Independence. There has been some destruction and damage, some done probably by anarchists, some done possibly by people with ulterior motives of purporting a dialogue for the media. Undeniably the street was lined with tear gas bomb casings from the police and the blood of unarmed civilians, and the protesters returned to clean it up, and will keep returning to protect their freedom. Media Censorship is one of the many reasons why people are in the streets of Turkey, and it is the same reason why we can all help. Please take whatever opportunities you have to inform yourself and spread the word. -Jeremy Kaplan