Friday, August 9, 2013


Endless props to these guys for this... KUNG FU BUM..... FIRE!!!! Here are some words from those invloved.

Initially we wanted to share a song, but we rather show you the adventure and excitement, visually.
Hip Hop, real Hip Hop, has always paid homage to it's influences ie: sampling, naming ourselves after cartoon characters (Chill Will), the Wu, Scarface, Godfather etc... K.gaines has joined with the 2 Hungry Bros and Deep's film production fam, Chopstick Graffiti to bring you several movies and videos that correlate with theSeptember 10th release of K.Gaines's Debut Release, Rumspringa, the Wildman Chronicles.
To the left is the awesome album art by none other than Fresh Daily. The album also features the Cella Dwellas, a Sleepwalkas Reunion song, funky beats, in ya face rhymes, and Kung Fu Chaos. And maybe even a positive message.
We're even having a big Screening party for the full length movie of Kung Fu Bum. Here's the trailer, and you're definitely invited.

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