Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Element Tree Presents: ROCKIN IT SUCKAS 2015 (Bridgeport, CT)

A few months ago I was lucky enough to document this awesome event in R.I.S. Crew history out in Bridgeport, CT. I found myself pulling up to a Wendy's parking lot confused on where exactly these guys were going to be painting. Eventually I made a phone call and got brought to an empty hidden parking lot which revealed the massive wall that writers Mone, Giz, Detox, Kite, Miro, Ket and Cro seemed eager to get there hands on. Watching these guys rock some black books and pieces was something else. I played the cut quietly just listening to awesome stories of the golden years while watching some vets of the game producing pieces that can keep up with the modern graffiti world via some classic and timeless styles. Ket had even mentioned to me that him and Miro hadn't painted together since 1988 so I was happy to have documented that history. The results speak for themselves. Enjoy. -Serringe


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