Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Element Tree / Art Primo / Eggshell Stickers Present: EARTHLING Episode: 4 Feat. MAST

In this latest episode of EARTHLING we hit the streets of New York to catch up with Mast of TGE, GFR and IMOK crews. We were able to document him doing what he does best and we also got to get a little clarity on his roots, inspirations and what to expect next of the artist.  Much love and respect to MAST for his time and all around good company.

Also much love and respect to our sponsors Art Primo which you should get at for all your graffiti/art supply needs and also check out Eggshell Stickers for slaps that stay up longer than just about any other sticker out there.

Last and definitely not least to the good homie and Element Tree family Thaddeus Rombauer for his skills with a drone camera... your contribution was amazing. Thank you.

Peace and Respect.-Serringe


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