Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How KAWS Became the Face of Contemporary Art | Blueprint

KAWS went from a skater kid doing graffiti around New York City to illustrating the beloved animated series Doug to creating instantly recognizable pop art that gained visibility the world over. The artist, painter, designer and toymaker details how he linked with Nigo and Pharrell in Japan, collaborated with Jordan and Uniqlo for sold-out capsules, and created motifs that elevated fine art into the cultural zeitgeist.

The Deepest Depths of the Burrow

This documentary is awesome.  I love the way it was chopped and the music and soundtrack is bananas.  Much respect to all who were involved.  This is super inspiring for me. -Serringe

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1UP - Happy New Year 2018

1UP has always killed it, but this video right here is something else. This is an all around production. From the timing, to the location, the different angles, the aggressive beat and the fact that its New Years Eve??? Insane. Overall awesome watch. Much respect to all who were involved. -Serringe

GOLAN - One Year Later

Special shot out to the good homies over at Spray Daily for always coming correct with the visual. Much love. -Serringe

DOPE LIFE | Saber: The Family Man

Real talk with Saber The Family man.

Evidence came through with the Jim Dean. Good Stuff. Much respect to this OG. -Serske

Monday, January 1, 2018

RUN THE JEWELS - Call Ticketron (Official Music Video)

These guys can care less what you think. They're to busy actually giving a fuck about art and music. Respect to the RTJ Goons. -Serske

Video: DOES - Summer Breeze

Check out this awesome video of Does doing his thing in a beautiful location. Shouts to Luke Shirlaw on the shots and edits. Respect. -Serringe