Friday, September 7, 2018

Ben Boogz x Doc Reevez - SPOOKINGS (Official Video)

Ben Boogz x Doc Reevez - SPOOKINGS (Official Video) Directed By: Serringe "Thousand Islands of Death" Now available at the following link: https://benboogzof2hungrybros.bandcam... and wherever digital music is sold. About:Ben Boogz and Doc Reevez take off on a journey through the Thousand Island of Death. Follow them through their travels to these exotic sceneries, each one more sinister than the last. Armed with only hip hop this mysterious excursion will introduce the Deathbots army and the inherent brain to our travellers with disastrous results. Beware as the tropical hell draws you towards a fate only able to be told through this intriguing tale of wisdom. Coming to a sound system near you soon! Bwahahaahaaaaa!!!! Special Thanks to : The Creator, Tomer for the dope Art, Likwuid, Serringe, Deep, Pso, Jesus Himself, Phoenix Renaissance, Monk, Ziad, 3ninez crew, Everyone who supports our music, Peace! credits released August 31, 2018 All Tracks Written By Doc Reevez *Except Track 22 Trippin Ft Likwuid All Tracks Recorded , Edited , And Mixed By Doc Reevez All Tracks Produced By Ben Boogz All Tracks Mastered By Ben Boogz Artwork and Layout by Tomer Mor license all rights reserved


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