Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Music Video: Ill Bill & Stu Bangas - World War HULK Ft. Goretex and Slaine

Ill Bill and Stu Bangas' new project "Cannibal Hulk" is a fantastic listen. Hard beats, raw lyrics and deliveries that only artist like Ill Bill and his goons can deliver. From the artwork to the packaging its an all around great experience. The project has style to say the least.  I've been following Ill Bill since the 90's... Its hard to deliver as consistently as he has throughout time. Not to mention not at anytime has he allowed anyone to change him as an artist. Real rap shit.  The dude's just a beast and I have a huge respect for him. I'm glad to see him working with StuBangas as what they delivered here is something to thump in your car for the rest of the summer. For real.  Oh and definitely get your hands on the vinyl for your collection before its too late.  -Serringe


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