Monday, November 30, 2020

The Professionals (A-$harp & Sydetrak Imperial)


Let me introduce you to The Professionals. Newark based producer and turntable technician A-$harp blessed the score for this single while Jersey City lyricist Sydetrak Imperial puts the smackdown on the track. The result is a perfect combination for any true hip hop lover. I was lucky to be asked to help bring the visual to this first single to life. Sydetrak and A-$harp came up with the concept and I helped package it up with my Direction and Cinematography. We had a great time working on this and we produced it with love. Press play and enjoy this short film. Major salute to all that were involved and I look forward to making the next visual. 

Gorilla Twins - "BONG"


Gorilla Twins is a Brooklyn based rap duo that consists of Ill Bill and Nems. These two lyrical masterminds have been lacing the underground hip hop scene for years but as they have matured as artist
so has their music. Today they're producing music that goes beyond what we new as underground and this current Gorilla Twins project caters to all. Don't believe me? Go download or stream that right now. 

R.A. The Rugged Man - E.K.N.Y. (Music Video)


R.A. The Rugged Man... no one in the world quite like this guy right here. 

SOFLES | Linework

Here's another fantastic video from the one and only Sofles. This particular video is focused on his linework which flows so easily. I must say I think its awesome that Sofles has been keeping up with creating videos.... he never fails if you ask me. Major salute.