Element Tree was founded by Serringe in 2010 as a way to showcase Hip Hop culture and all its elements. Through photos and videos we were able to capture an artist in his or her creative process. We began to document producers making beats, live performances, murals getting painted and gallery events. Eventually it was only right to evolve and it did when Element Tree joined forces with Jersey City native Mic Jacks of Mo5 Filmz to create “Immortalized” a documentary that covers some of New Jersey’s most influential and seasoned graffiti writers. The film is scheduled to be released in 2012.

We then followed up with the creation of Element TreePresents: “Yard Work” a graffiti web series filmed and edited by Serringe in the privacy of a backyard somewhere in the state of New Jersey. We are currently filming Season: 2 and the lineup is amazing.

In February of 2012 Element Tree established its first graffiti supply and clothing store in Weehawken, NJ rightfully named Element Tree. The store carries spray-paint, markers, black books, music, apparel, custom art, prints etc. The store was created to invite people to meet and build for future ideas and concepts while providing you with the environment of the world that was created here on the internet.

Welcome to Element Tree