Bio: Raised in New Jersey and influenced by some of its most distinguished graffiti writers, Distort creates art for the sake of dissent. Without separating art from life, he spreads his message of discontent through disorderly conduct. While he has covered a vast distance, he says that for him, there is still much to discover.


Bio: Mr.Mustart was born in the mid-1980s at a truck stop between two small villages on an Asian continent of planet Earth in our Solar System. Growing up in the wilderness of Siberian-like climate in a rural area of Russia raised a natural tree hugger and a soul survivor.  As a child, Nature Boy was going through a critical time of development, dealing with nightmares about hungry wolf packs and angry bears he seen on hunting and fishing trips with his father. Once Mustart was responsible for waking up his whole village at 3 o’clock in the morning after seeing the Northern lights for the first time and thinking it was an alien invasion. “Son is a trip”- his parents would say if they smoked pot. Mustart started to explore this world and his imagination from an early age; he finds a very intriguing phenomenon of creativity that leaves him in awe. At the age of 5, while at a lunch table in his kindergarten class he wins his first “peer drawing battle” on who can draw a truck better. The excitement from props overwhelms his pursuit of happiness, gets him mad sooped, and he begins to create art on a more serious yet still playful level.  Initially starting with kids’ stuff, like animals and plants graduating to perfecting sketching Mack Trucks without even knowing the perspective at the time, naked girls, without ever seeing one in person at the time, Mustart realizes that there is no limit; there are no borders to Art. His working class parents see it important to not restrain their child from going with his chi, leaving him to wonder into the world of infinite possibilities and let him be whatever he wants to be with his chakras open.

As of now Mr.Mustart is still going with the flow as he continuously creates art on the daily yo! Getting older and wiser but always staying in touch with his inner-child and never letting his emotions not go. Over all, Mustart is a humble individual and a grateful space cadet who loves to explore outer-space, light and time. Art is his daily bread and butter; however the butter is low fat. Oh and one more thing… Mustart loves to walk.

Bio: Then One uses bold color and imagery to create a visual manifestation of his feelings and the world that surrounds him. His work explores his background as a graffiti artist and graphic designer and how it fits as well as clashes within todays world. Though cultures may clash, Then incorporates chaotic themes and communicate them in a visually complementary way. With continued growth, Then’s work continues to gain interests from galleries, art collectors, media and companies alike.