Monday, March 22, 2010

Ateam Art Collective.

This group of talented artist's came together to represent New Jersey to the max. The room was dressed up with rusted saws, a shovel, burnt wood and beer bottles... it just had a feel of urban decay. What better way to represent Jersey! The group calls themselves the Ateam Art Collective, and their work is definitely worth supporting. Tdee which has been displayed on Element-Tree before is part of the team, so is local artist The Flying Dutchman. I was able to catch these to talented cats at the show, and take pictures to capture the vibe.
Check it out!
art by: Clarence Rich
art by: Mr. Mustart
The Flying Dutchman and his work.
art by: D. Stort
art by: The Flying Dutchman.
art by: The Flying Dutchman
art by: Tdee
art by: The Flying Dutchman
art by: The Flying Dutchman
Tdee and his work.
Ateam Art Collective.
Tdee & The Flying Dutchman of The Ateam Art Collective.


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.