Friday, September 10, 2010


E.T. So whats up Many? Can we start off by talking about the change of your name from Many Styles to I Am Many?

MANY Wut it do G? Umm... well I started rhyming at age 11, and I use to study various artist and there techniques, so I wasn't just using 1 style when i spit, that's where I got the name Many Styles from.. but in those days and even up until my early 20's I was more of an emcee than I was an artist. As I got a little older and began to develop as a person my music became more content based and that name began to bother me, it had no meaning and no longer represented me as an artist. Also, in growing as a person and as an artist I began to realize that I am no better than anyone else. In fact, I am everyone else! hence the birth of I Am Many and the "Strength In Numbers" movement.

E.T.  Whats good with Strength In Numbers and who is involved?

MANY Well theres the Strength In Numbers album and the Strength In Numbers movement, the album is produced entirely by Logik Proof and features Reason Kills on more than 1 song, I give it about 3 months till its recorded and mixed, anyone who is down wit the S.I.N. movement is a Sinner, How can you become a Sinner you ask? Simple, Just be yourself, because you already are BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

E.T.  What is your latest project and who are you working with?

MANY Along with the Strength in Numbers album I've been working on a project with Reason Kills under the group Name Dope Heads, the album is called "Gutter Funk" its a street/ club/ bump in the whip/ kinda deal with a twist on the production end, Dope Shit though.. really hard hittin, a lil over the top, and quite obnoxious at times :)

E.T.  I see you've been working with the CJM fam... how did this come about?

MANY Well I been buliding wit Ide for a while but I would go to his spot mainly to record, but he would always look out, and I seen his work ethic was crazy, so I wanted contribute to what he's doing and just like that it was decided that I would release something on his label, and he's been going through hell ever since.

E.T.  I've seen a couple of your performances and they definitely come off as something different. What made you want to flip it on heads like that?

MANY I was always inspired by artist outside the world of Hip Hop, so I guess naturally I went left with out even giving it much thought, plus man, I gotta rock out, I cant just get in front of people and not put on a show, we're entertainers, we owe the people a show, if there kind enough to spend there time looking at you, you should give them something to look at.

E.T.  How has hip-hop been to you for all these years?

MANY I know you've been rocking on the underground tip for years. Hip Hop ruined my life, it made me a weirdo, you've seen me, I'm not what normal person should look like, I don't write my verses down so I'm constantly mumbling to me self in the street while I'm creating, and now all my neighbors just kind of look away when they see me.

E.T.  Who inspires you as an emcee?

MANY I am a better rapper cause of lil Wayne a lot of people may not understand that but lil Wayne brought a very original flavor to the music wit his delivery. Ive always thought Jay Z and Ghostface we're 2 of the best, El-p created his on sound, which I think is amazing seeing how few times that occurs in hip hop. Aesop Rock was always bringing it skill wise, Despot's an incredible writer, Jak Progresso is brilliant, Tonedeff is a brilliant song writer, UG is a great performer and crazy ill mc, Ide's Dope on the mic and wit the beats, Homeboy Sandman is killing em 2 Hungry Bros. and the list goes on theres a lot of great shit out there.

E.T.  Who would you like to work with in the future... I know this might be one of those questions that you could be answering for hours, but who comes to mind first?

MANY Sedric from The Mars Volta, Maynard James Keenan, Beth Gibbons, Fever Ray to much of a fan to wanna work with Bjork id probably to much pressure on myself.

E.T.  What do you think hip-hop is missing nowadays?

MANY Because I personally feel hip-hop doesn't have that feeling it use to have... I feel something is missing. Hip Hop is missing it rebellion, its to politically correct, I like my music to have an element of chaos in it, hip hop has to take the suit off for a while, shave itself a Mohawk and rock out!
E.T.  What can we expect from I Am Many in the years to come?

MANY Better flows, better shows, and if that leads to better pay, than expect to see me in better clothes.

E.T.  Any last thoughts?

MANY Shout outs to the whole S.I.N. crew, Creative Juices Music, Element Tree,, Imagination First..


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.