Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prezidents Day interview by: SERRINGE

E.T. Whats the story behind the name NEMS?

NEMS It started as a graffiti name and morphed into a whole bunch of shit over the years....Naturally Evil Mind State , Nobody Equals My Swag , Now Everyone Must Suffer , Niggas Envy My Style , Never Ever Miss Shots , Now Everything Makes Sense , North Easterm Mic Specialistfuck around you'll be Needing Emergency Medical Service

E.T. Who influenced you as an artist?

NEMSMy life , the people in it.....i listened to everything hip hop as a kid , even if the people were wack I would listen and knew what not to do

E.T. What is NEMS bringing to the table that other artists aren't?

NEMS Authenticity !

E.T. Why Prezidents Day... can you bring more clarity to this for all those who may not know?

NEMS Prezident's Day because I'm the prezident of my crew Fuck Your Lyfe and its time for some real , good , authentic hip hop so today and every other day in my time now.....every day that i make music is Prezidents Day....its my time

E.T. The album was originally supposed to be released on Psycho+Logical Records. I understand sometimes the politics of record labels can keep you from dropping an album, but what made you move on to the Creative Juices label for your release?

NEMS Well PLR is and always will be fam....Necro fucked with me at a time when other labels were scared to , because of how I was living ,but necro being a real nigga saw I was a real nigga and still fucked with me......the album kept getting pushed back , situations just werent rite so Necro told me "yo Nems , I cant do what I want to do with your project , and what you expect me to do with your project" so he allowed me to shop the album around , the album was already done , mastered , the artwork was basically done to so q-unique hooked me up with Ide and Creative Juices , I felt , was willing to grind for the album so I decided to put it out with them

E.T. Who other than yourself make the F.Y.L. Crew?

NEMS Me , George Burnz , OTR , and J Rose are family so we are like the 4 original members but we also got Iron Solomon , Poison Pen , Jesse Jamez Figueroa , J Walker , Bullshit Skemes , Vanguard , then we got the extended family like Q-Unique , Marvone , Quest Mcody , Pumpkinhead , J Arch , Swave Sevah and a bunch of others.....its basically an all star team tired of the garbage hip hop out rite now , that makes good music....period.

E.T. Who are you looking to work with in the future?

NEMS I'm not really to big on my crew is nice enough that i don't have to look outside of my circle to make banging shit.....its not like I don't do collabs but I'm not going out looking for shit , I feel like if its meant to be it'll happen

E.T. What is going on with Hip-Hop? In your personal perspective based on your influences and the person you are... What is missing?

NEMS I love hip hop and always have......I feel like whatever people are doing now is on them , I just focus on making the best music I can , I don't worry about other peoples shit , I mostly just listen to me and my squad anyway....fuck everybody else's lyfe.

E.T. What can we Expect from NEMS in the years to come?

NEMS Well PREZIDENT'S DAY is out now , Tha Filthy Fly Shit Mixtape is up next , it'll be out before the year is over , after that Tha Fuck Ya Lyfaz album will drop early 2011 , then my next album by spring....Murdafestival Seazun has officially begun.

E.T. Any last thoughts?

NEMS Fuck Your Lyfe Gunther!

For more info on NEMS or to purchase Prezidents Day go to

Shout out to NEMS and Creative Juices for not having boundaries and staying true to that raw shit, RESPECT! -SERRINGE

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