Friday, October 8, 2010

We love you Fat Beats!

I was looking for the right video to post on the closing of Fat Beats and I found this. FinstaBundyTV put this amazing video together and I thought it captured such a great moment in Hip-Hop. You can see that everyone there was hurting. The amazing feeling of walking into Fat Beats as a youngster and not knowing if your favorite MC is waiting for you at the top of the stairs reminds me that Hip-Hop really lived there. I got to meet many cool people and got to watch many independent artist build careers there. Fat Beats was like a portal to your dreams. I love the way C-Rayz Walz put it... he described it as if his house was being burned down and that's because it was home to many. Peace and Respect to the Fat Beats movement! -SERRINGE

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