Saturday, January 8, 2011


E.T. When and how did you first discover the artist within you?

THEN When I was a teenager is when I think I started to draw and sketch random things from comic books and miscellaneous things.. I think it all started when my friends and I used to ride our BMX bikes around the neighborhood bored out of our minds and explore abandoned areas, that's when I discovered graffiti. That's when the doodles turned into pages of colored letters and characters from what i had seen around the old warehouses and from magazines like 12oz prophet (now a website)

E.T.  Was there a particular time in life where you decided it was time to take your arts to the next level?

THEN I guess when I was leaving high school and getting ready for college is when I made the transition, I had to make a choice and art seemed like the most fun way to go at the time. I wasn't trying to go to school and do term papers and study math, I always had an itch for the more creative/inventive side of life.

E.T.  What is it exactly you do? Are you just painting or have you expanded into other artistic avenues?

THEN Painting was one of the last avenues I have taken artistically, prior to painting I studied graphic design and turned that into a pretty good career. I would say that all the computer work I've done has pushed me into a path of more hands on creating as opposed to creating digital works. Currently I have been tossing around the idea of getting into metal casting and sculpture.

E.T.  I've been following your career for a while now and I've definitely noticed a significant change in your canvas work in the past year. Is there a reason for this or is this just a natural development in your work?

THEN I think it's a move in a positive direction. I really had fun with what I was doing in the past, but to keep myself motivated I feel like I have to constantly try new things. I have always been the type of person that gets tired of doing things for too long and start getting restless so the new work is definitely keeping me interested in painting and continuing to create.

E.T.  Who inspired you as an artist?

THEN I think all my experiences have influenced me as an artist. Everyday I wake up and walk out of the door there is something new to look at, a new experience, something that will trigger a thought or idea that pushes me to create.

E.T.  Everyday life can be so exhausting and time consuming, how do you find the time and energy to still do what you love at the end of the day?

THEN Everyday life can be exhausting, but I feel like it's exhausting in a productive way. Time gets consumed in so many ways everyday that I feel like I try and make that time that is being consumed into something that I will love spending time doing it later on. Everything takes hard work especially things you love, but I have realized that the time put in now is time I can enjoy it all later.

E.T.  How is the art world out there, has it been treating you well?

THEN I feel like the art world is a brutal place, you have to be able to put your all into something and get shit on at times. Other times it proves to be successful but in the end you have to love what you do. Be humble and just work hard as hell.

E.T.  Your piece "Owned" is one of my favorites. Can you give some what of an explanation of what the piece represents for all those who might not know?

THEN The painting "Owned" was originally painted as a 4 part series for a show in New York. The 4 pieces represented a form of struggle. This one specifically represented the struggle with the law. It depicted the people (in the form of red tentacle like pattern) regaining power from those who take it away from us (represented by the police car).

E.T.  What can we expect from you as an artist in the years to come?

THEN It's hard to say exactly because things are always changing, but I can definitely say you'll be seeing more of me in various places in the future. Time is too valuable to sit home doing nothing. A mark always needs to be made.

E.T.  Any last thoughts?

THEN I have a group show that I am participating in this month, opening reception is Thursday January 20th, 6-8pm more info can be found at:
More of my work can be found at:


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