Monday, February 21, 2011


E.T. Your name truly defines who you are. Was finding the right name to identify your artist something that took a lot of thought, or was it something that just fell out of the sky?

FRESH Fresh Daily just means being consistently innovative. There's an attraction to things that are fresh. From produce to gear to hygiene. I wanted to make note of that attraction and bring it to my music.

E.T. Mothership/Land is such an amazing project overall, and I cant help but to notice your evolution as an artist. Do you ever feel any pressure as far as trying to keep creating fresh material for your fans and listeners?

FRESH Not so much. I've always said I make music for myself predominantly and hope people like it. I only write when inspired and only create when I want to. That definitely keeps the process fresh. Also, wherever I am musically and artistically and influenced by makes its presence known in my music pretty early on. You can see where my mind is at and how I'm feeling based on what I put out. That's a great thing, to be able to use your outlet to make others aware of their own feelings by conversation between artist and listener.

E.T. How is it out there in the music industry for an artist such as yourself?

FRESH It's difficult to make your craft your career. There are a million obstacles and in this information age we live in people who never would have been heard otherwise consider themselves artists, so theres an over saturation to say the least. I'm learning to put blinders on and do precisely what I want and not anything else because that will be the defining factor to what makes my music so signature.

E.T. I know you did a collabo with Sacred Stitch for your Mothership/Land project. Is creating your own line of clothing something we can look forward to or maybe even some other collabo's with Sacred Stitch?

FRESH Yes and Yes.

E.T. Who or what inspires Fresh Daily the artist?

FRESH Life inspires me. So does fashion, music, art and film. More than the rest, life itself is inspiring. This human experience is unscripted and amazing and I love to relay that in my art.

E.T. What are you listening to nowadays?

FRESH Mndsgn, Miike Snow, Myself, Kendrick Lamar, Shad and Drake.

E.T. Are they any producers out there you are looking to work with and why?

FRESH I wanna work with Flying Lotus, Madlib, Raphael Saadiq, Rich Harrison and Ryan Leslie.

E.T. Originally you where known as Ill Tarzan. What was it like having to change your name and did this effect your career?

FRESH It was sucky at the time but it turned out to be the best thing to happen to me career-wise.

E.T. Whats next for Fresh Daily and what can we expect from you in the years to come?

FRESH New music, but more importantly more design work and more art. A more multifaceted Fresh Daily. More Fresh Daily curating things of an artistic nature with a Fresh Aesthetic.

E.T. If you can actually change something about Hip-Hop today, would you and what would it be?

FRESH I'd make the standard of music higher. Alot of really bad trash passes for creative art.

E.T. Any last thoughts?

FRESH Shouts to Brooklyn Good Guys, AOK, APTNO7.

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