Thursday, March 31, 2011

CF - Storm Mode

So... every once in a while you hear about a project that really excites you, this is definitely one of those projects. Jersey City native CF has teamed up with Creative Juices Music to release this monstrous hulk of a mixtape.. "Storm Mode."  I've known CF for years now and the guy is constantly evolving and always seeking to master the art of rhyming.  Then you have IDE... also a friend who through time I've learned is truly in love with the art of hip-hop.  Take two dedicated and seasoned genius's... put em in a room, and you start to get some serious results.  From the minute I pressed play on this cd I was instantly brought back to a time when people actually had something of substance to say and people where seeking to release a motherfuckin gem.  On the production tip you have IDE, Frank Sasoon, Dj Static, Niroshima and Scram Jones which makes this project very friendly and open to all listeners.  Basically I'm stamping this project as  all around dope!  Peace and Respect to the homies IDE and CF... great work gentlemen! 

Purchase CF "Storm Mode" at the following link:


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.