Thursday, April 7, 2011

IMMORTALIZED (promo trailer) 2011

So here it is people... the first IMMORTALIZED preview. Mic Jacks and I have been chopping the film up all winter and now we are going to film the last three artists. I'll tell you this much the film looks amazing and I cant wait to premiere it. Major shout outs to T.DEE, SNOW, SUE WORKS, THEN, KOMAR, LOSER, ZAR, DEMER, PAWN, EYESOR, MEAR, L.I.F.E.LONG, IDE, 2 HUNGRY BROS, I AM MANY and anyone I may have left out. Peace to Ironlak and Sacred Stitch for their support, and thank you to all who supported my vision, those who promote this project and all my ELEMENT-TREE die-hards. Mic and I truly have been investing our time and love to make sure we do the best we possibly can in revealing the footage we've captured. This has truly been an experience and a huge accomplishment in my life.
Peace and Respect -SERRINGE



Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.