Tuesday, July 26, 2011


E.T. When did you become Copywrite the artist, and what inspired it?

COPY I've been rapping since 1991. I've told the story a lot. It was a total accident. I never wanted to be a rapper. Me, Jakki & his brother & cousins made freestyle comedy skits. One time, he started making a beat on the table & we started talking turns freestyling. The boom box had a built in mic. The older kids that were looked up to as the OG trouble makers liked it & we tried writing the next day. I was lyrical vandal first. Then Jakki tried calling me "Pistol Pete". That name didn't stick. I hated it. Eventually, I would tag "Pete Nelson" around my bedroom & draw a "©" after it, until it dawned on me that if something is "Copywritten", it can't be duplicated which is what I wanted my style & sound to be like. Unmatched. Plus it was an unconventional rap name, which I kinda dug. Copy was born in '95 or so.

E.T. What’s it like out there for an artist like yourself that’s been around  for years  watching this Industry change?

COPY It's no different than being a child born in 1978 who grew up watching the world change. I don't worship rap. I like to make art, whether its drawing, painting, making beats, crackin jokes or whatever. I don't care what rap does around me though.

E.T. Life and times of Peter Nelson… what was the approach to this particular project?

COPY To answer every question my supporters may have kicked around in their heads. To run head on to what most people thought I'd attempt to strategically avoid. To turn around a bunch of negatives into a few positives. Maybe help a few of my listeners going through addiction & depression so that my addiction & depression wasn't in vein. To vent. To make a rap album as honest as I possibly could. To make a classic.

E.T. As an artist you’ve been through your own ups and downs… what keeps you  going?

COPY Life keeps me going. Synesthesia keeps me going. God. The actual music itself. The boxes of notebooks full of ideas accompanied by the tens of ideas I write down daily. I love music & to create. Music is in my blood. My grandpa was Skip Nelson, of the legendary Glenn Miller band & HIS father was a drummer for the Pennsylvania Philharmonic Orchestra. My dad was a great stand-up comedian, which is what I think gave me such a literally sense of thinking, to continuously write double meanings & metaphors that no one else has said for well over a decade...& my little sis isn't too shabby on the drums.

E.T. Will you be releasing any other projects on Man Bites Dog?

COPY My new album, "God Save T.H.E. King" drops 11.1.11 on Man Bites Dog & so will the MHz (MegaHertz) debut album, "Megacy". Tage future from MHz is dropping an EP on MBD, Jakki's doing his solo there with Stu Bangas & I'm working on a production album for the label called, "The Puppet Show".

E.T. Who are you listening to nowadays?

COPY Been listening to some Jay Elec, Royce 5'9", Crooked I always, Radiohead, a little Weezer, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Supertramp, Pete Rock..it just depends on my day & mood.

E.T. If you can go back and change the paths you’ve taken in your career would you?

COPY I'd change nothing in fear that I wouldn't be in the exact spot & exact person I am today. Plus, everything that's happened to me or that I've done has been pre ordained by Christ. No way I could ever tamper with perfection.

E.T. What has been the biggest challenge for you within the music industry?

COPY The biggest challenge has been shedding the old reputation & image that I had. Most people thrive off rumors, some people hate due to jealousy; others flat out don't know me. Kick it with me before you judge me. I still won't judge you though.

E.T. If you can pick 5 producers you would like to work with who would they be?

COPY Five producers, eh? Ok. (In no particular order) 1. DJ Premier 2. Focus 3. The Alchemist 4. Pete Rock 5.the brains behind Radiohead (No pun).

E.T. Throughout your career touring and doing live performances what and where has been your most memorable moment?

COPY Easy. Performing at the same festival as the Godfather of soul, Mr. Dynamite aka James Brown, Rest in Paradise. Either that or performing in front of my mom a few years before she passed. (It only happened once.)

E.T. Serotonin… crazy track… crazy video.  Was the video inspired by an actual event trippin on LSD?

COPY Thanks (about Serotonin). No. I didn't have anything to do with the direction or production of the video. I showed up in Boston with Nick & the set was ready w people there. I would NEVER have chosen upside down crosses for my video or pentagrams. I rock for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you about the song & video treatment though. I saw kids on my YouTube comments asking about illuminati. ALL PRAISE BE TO THE KING OF KINGS, JESUS CHRIST AKA YAHWEH.

E.T. When it’s all said and done… how would Copywrite the artist want to be remembered?

COPY I would like to be remembered as the guy who cooked your burger just right. Jk. As a talented kid with a vivid imagination who can do anything with words, shapes, sounds & emotion. Beat the odds & won even though I should have been curled up in a corner on H. Someone with a high & clear respect for God & for his children/my brothers & sisters & who thrives from helping people out more so than glorifying my own small deeds or name.

E.T. What artist would you like to work with?

COPY I want to work with Radiohead & any other artist with Synesthesia & who knows how to make music that triggers it. Mostly, Radiohead though. Dave Grohl wouldn't be bad either.

E.T. What can we expect of Copywrite in the years to come?

COPY Consecutive albums. Never again will I let as much as a year pass without dropping an album, beit solo, MHz, side project or the secret duet I'm working on with DJ Khaled & Bette Midler.

E.T. Any last thoughts?

COPY Yeah, check out www.copywritesworld.com follow me @COPYWRITE for booking/features/production COPYWRITEMANAGEMENT@GMAIL.COM my ustream channel is THECOPYWRITENETWORK & get to know CHRIST!! Peace,kids.


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