Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012... Hello 2013!

I must say 2012 was good to me. I got to go after my dreams, hang out with friends/family and document it all along the way. I want to thank my beautiful wife Erica for always being there with me no matter what and for dealing with my hyper ass for 11 years now... I love you. I'd also like to thank my ELEMENT TREE brothers Then One, Mr. Mustart and Distort for all your time and hard work. You killas inspire me everyday and fuel me to go bigger with everything I do. Lets get it in 2013... ET for life! To the big homie Fase for having my back during hard times... I don't forget shit like that. Thanks. To the homie Rock Steady Ferretti... you know the drill... couldnt have done it without you. Thank you! To all my hip hop fam! LOSER, DZEL, DEMER, SNOW, JOE IURATO, SEAN LUGO, PAWN, EYESOR, NTEL, ZAR, AUDEY, OTUE, ZACTO, MOS, 4SAKN, YODER, ESTRIA, DRIL, FRANK 151, ART PRIMO, ALL CITY, SACRED STICH, GREEN VILLAIN, CLOY PI, GHETTO, BESET, TAME ONE, T.DEE, RESOL, NASK, DULK, EZOR, SERY, SEAN, MEARS, 12OZ PROPHET, DAY IN THE LYFE, BOMBING SCIENCE, SUE WORKS, NOME, MENE, EDAM, SENIC, LOST, KOMAR, CHABS ONER, TRUCE, SUM ROC, Q, GRITT, KING RA, SGT OVER, JUST PUTT, REN, YOUNG JOHNNIE HANDSOME, IDE, CF, LIFELONG, ALUCARD, THE TURNTABLIZM SHOW, JESUS HIMSELF, GENERAL STEELE, JAMES AYALA, REPO and all the ill writers I may have forgotten at the moment. All you guys make this video and store stuff worth it. Thank you for all your support... I truly appreciate it. To all my friends and family... have a blessed new year and God willing Ill see you in 2013!!!
Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.