Monday, July 15, 2013


While eating pizza one day in Jersey City I stumbled upon a wall that looked sad and abandoned. I met its owner and explained to him that I wanted to get it painted and that all I needed him to do is sit back and watch... He agreed and we were on our way. I then contacted The Mighty Mr. Mustart, a local mastermind in color and a subliminal street communicator... he too agreed that something had to be done. This then lead us to the good people over at Montana Cans... they decided to fuel our costs after hearing stories of the sad and abandoned wall. Eventually the day finally came and we couldn't believe how many people in that neighborhood including a lady that had been living on the block for 25 years ... couldn't stand the site of the wall. One lady said it literally depressed her and she was excited to see the development of the new and soon to be colorful wall. Mr. Mustart even started to ask the kids in the neighborhood what they wanted to see... so Sponge Bob and his boys got on the wall along with a few other requests. In the end it was a good time and the community appreciated the good energy.

Much love to my brother Mr. Mustart and Montana Cans for there support!


  1. Love the Woody Woodpecker. I grew up watching him on TV.

  2. Great piece! Where exactly is this spot?

  3. @Schroeder its at 102 Brunswick St Jersey City, NJ 07302

  4. which the name of the song that plays in the video?


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