Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trailer: "THE PASSION OF JISE" Coming Soon

"The Passion Of Jise" Lp will be available in early 2014.
With production by Q-Unique, INSITE, IDE, Nuttkase, Frank Sasoon, Dras79 and MastaMind.
Featuring FREESTYLE (The Arsonists), Loki Velez and more....

As a member of the epic indie rap group, The Arsonists. Many would go as far as to say that The Arsonists spearheaded the indie underground hip-hop movement, with classic singles such as "The Session", "Pyromaniax" and "Backdraft". Together, The Arsonists recorded 2 critically acclaimed albums - AS THE WORLD BURNS and DATE OF BIRTH. Around that time, Subverse Records independently released a single produced by Kriminal Krash, named, "Blacklisted", featuring Jise and fellow MC Helixx C. Armageddon. TIME magazine deemed "Blacklisted" to be one of the 2 best hip hop records released that year. Along with The Arsonists, Jise toured with the likes of PUBLIC ENEMY, THE ROOTS, BEATNUTS and many more...

Major shout out to the homie Jise on this latest project and his support for Element Tree. He's a real person and a legendary MC. If you don't know... look em up! Peace and Respect. -SERRINGE

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