Monday, July 20, 2015

Coming Soon! Doc Reevez "Problematic" Prod by 2 Hungry Bros

For what feels like the passed year I've been avoiding hearing any cuts from this project. Doc Reevez and Ben Boogz have been offering me opportunities to give em a listen and I've refused every time. I figured Ill just wait till it drops and hear it when everyone one else does. This way I can experience the project in full effect. It was tough but now here comes the goodies.

This Problematic sneak peak into "Recipe For Disaster" sounds bananas! I cant wait to hear this collabo. As many of you know 2 Hungry Bros have quite the distinctive sound. In past projects you can here how their production draws out new flows and ideas from an artist. This had me wondering
how Doc Reevez may have connected to the music, but now hearing Problematic its exactly what I imagined. Raw concepts and lyrics accompanied by wild deliveries and vocal fluctuations.... amazing. Cant wait to hear the rest.

 Doc Reevez & 2 Hungry Bros " Recipe For Disaster " LP drops August 4th on Already Dead Tapes

Salutes to Doc Reevez, Ben Boogz and Deep... you guys kill it.


Thanks for the love... all your support is greatly appreciated.