Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Music Video: KI BOHITI Ft. Jr The Truth (IS THIS REAL)

This is Ki Bohiti... get to know him. This young artist seems quite promising to me. Its modern day, yet rooted in what we all know and love... Hip Hop.  He's also experimenting with different sounds and to me... that's everything. Experimenting brought us acts like MF Doom, Company Flow, Cool Keith and Quasimoto just to name a few.  Now, I am not comparing any of these artist's in any way shape or form. I just know that sometimes experimenting introduces the future and I'm always down with that.  Also in a world full of musical garbage, marble mouth deliveries and premature success due to the advantage of the Internet we have to show love to those that are putting some of that grassroots love into their craft... just sayin. Hear him out.... peep the message. Time will prove my point.  -Serringe


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